Intrinsic Motivation


intrinsic motivation
We all are human beings and sometime we all face a hard time in our life.  Life is a struggle and every day of life is different from the other.  Life has various aspects which we cannot see. Sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it makes us cry. It is not necessary that if the person is adult he will face problem and a five year child does not face any kind of problem in life. We all face problems even a five year baby has its own problem.

Student life is full of energy. They in fact learn most of the lessons regarding life, moral values and lots of technical studies. Life of student is also very challenging now a days. There is a lot of competition among students for good grades and marks Students also face problems when they do not get good grades or marks in their examination. They feel miserable when they fail in must be he exams. At that time motivation is needed to make them free of stress.

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Intrinsic VS Extrinsic Motivation

They should be motivated internally, that means the motivation must come from within the students. They should not be motivated to study well by giving them extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is rewarding the students by giving good grades or some prize money. If student study well due to extrinsic motivation this may be dangerous. They can become addict of doing thins just to get rewards. Their capability decreases and they becomes greedy.

So, we must lay importance on intrinsic motivation than the extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation motivates children from inside; it is the driven force which pushes an individual to work with pleasure. When the person is motivated internally then he works with a happy mind.

When we give a reward to the students he gets motivated but the force acting on his mind is external. His inner sense is not happy but he is doing so get a reward against his studies. This is not at all good for his future. Not motivate students by giving them good grades or marks or some rewards.


Positive Quotes To Live By

Every limitation of our life is set by us only. So before setting your limits you must throughout the negative beliefs from your mind.  You might have learned some belief from your society, parents or from your friends about life. Do not leave all the things on destiny. Eliminate all the negative beliefs if you have. Your future is in your hands so try to shape it well.

We can have control our life and be happy if you make correct decision. You can also live your dreams like all other people around you. You can create a happy life for you.

Face all the obstacles with a positive attitude. It is better to face a challenge than those who never faced them. They give you a new experience.

Few days back I came across a quote cited by Tony Robbins,” life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

This small statement assimilates the entire philosophy of life. This mall quote can become a source of inspiration and purpose of your life. It acts as the guiding light which shows us the right direction to achieve our aim. Life is a gift given by God.  We must create a talent inside us to appreciate this gift.  If we attain that talent in our life, we will live our life like dreams. We must accept all the challenges and changes happily. We must have no regrets regarding our life. Proud on the things which you have.

Life offers us the honor to take responsibility and opportunity to serve the society. So accept all the changes no matter how they will bring a change in your life. It is always better have something rather than nothing. The above quote is world of wisdom. When we give more to this world we back more than that.

Giving could be anything like an advice, moral support, love and help. A good word costs nothing. But it can create a huge difference in thinking level. You can get strength from positive quotes to live by. Start your day reading positive thoughts so that the whole day you bear the same attitude.

Quotes are the milestones set by some great person who lived in past.

Every successful story has a big failure story behind it. Read those stories and you will come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. People never see the failures of successful men. They have the interest in knowing the secret of success.

If you want to succeed double your failure rate”-Tom Watson

Man is the only creature on this earth which is blessed with many types of equipment. He is not like other creature that can fly, swim; but he has the potential to think and create what he does not have. Thinking ability of human being is the greatest gift which nature has given us. Improve your ability to create your own world of dreams.

The Best Quotes To Live By

A correct decision is the beginning of a happy life. We must read the stories of successful people to know about their decisions they made during they struggling time. How they reacted to their challenges and what did they thought at that moment?

Most of the people wish to get something without doing anything. You are the one responsible for all the happenings of your life whether it is good or bad, happy or sad. You must be clear on your mind what do you want from your life and what you want to be. You cannot leave the decisions on destiny or someone else.

Living your dreams is a wonderful thing. You are living it gives you the satisfaction deep inside. It happened with you because you have created it .it in not because you are lucky or parents have given it to you. Excuses never change your life. So you should never give an excuse for your failure because they do not matter. There is no such valid excuse you can give of why you are not happy.

You are the one responsible for your life.  What would you like from these two: to have control over your life and live your dreams or let the excuses control your life? What do you think is better option for you? Making an excuse will keep you trapped at one place.

Just look over the journey of some successful people around you. You might have question in your mind about reasons of their success. You want to know the secret of their success?

You will notice they have come from unprivileged backgrounds.  They did not much opportunity in life. They created their life of dreams. But for doing that they faced many brutal challenges. These challenges helped them to grow; every challenge in their life taught them a new lesson. Actually challenges come in life when we are prepared to face them. These challenges help us to grow. It wasn’t easy for them to overcome those challenges but it was not impossible. They followed certain principles in life. They remained stuck to those words which they quoted and never gave up in their hard time. With the power of their principles they turned every difficulty of life in to an opportunity.

Challenges come so we can grow and be prepared for things we are not equipped to handle now. When we face our challenges with faith, prepared to learn, willing to make changes, and if necessary, to let go, we are demanding our power be turned on.”- Iyanla Vanzant

When they succeeded, people started following those principles in their life. These quotes became popular 
as they have the power make your dreams come true. You can also live your dreams by following 
such a principle in life. For that you don’t have search them in thick books. You can read them on our 
website which has a vast collection of the best quotes to live by.
 Follow what they say to discover a mew human being within you.

Quotes To Live By – SERIES 2

The most powerful we are blessed with is our knowledge. Knowledge come when we study book and understand them very well. But do not store your knowledge, because then it becomes useless for you. It is just like water stored in a dam stored at height having potential energy. Here water is not still and of no use but when it falls from height the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy and we generate electricity from it. Similarly when knowledge is used practically it is fruitful. You must learn the things and use them in practical life. Whenever you eat food it does not matter how much you eat, the thing is that how much you digest. So avoid eating more. Reading all the things cannot make a man wise. Do not learn just for getting good marks and good grades. Wisdom comes come when you use your knowledge in positive way. This is the real power which you have to discover. Education means cultivating desiring to learn new every day. Makes you self disciplined in life. You become strong to take your decisions with the presence of mind. Just like exercise makes our muscles strong by stretching them. In the same way we should do some good exercise with our mind to make it sharp. Reading good thoughts is a good exercise for our mind. It makes our mind strong.
“The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character – that is the goal of true education.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Quotes to live by” is website having extremely good thoughts. Open the windows of your mind by reading good thoughts. Goods thoughts make your mind sharp and active. It is just like an ornament which helps you to look beautiful. Using good quotes during conversation will make the environment lighter. Every one participating in conversation will enjoy your talks.

“The art of quotation requires more delicacy in the practice than those conceive who can see nothing more in a quotation than an extract.” -Benjamin Disraeli

Reading quotation is just like an art. In art you make the painting beautiful by filling the colors on to it. Similar way you can make you life beautiful by reading and implementing quotation in day to day life.

“I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself.” -Marlene Dietrich

The best thing about these quotes is that they are very real and give you the true definition of life. Quotes must be read with care so that you can don’t have to gulp them. You must understand one quote first then move to another quote. Do not over eat. Over eating is harmful for your health. You waste your energy in eating extra food it is left undigested in the body which results in health problems. So you must read only one or two quote from our website quote to live by.

Really Good Quotes To Live By

Do you know why people fail in life? What are the reasons behind their failure?
Don’t get upset if the world refuses to accept you. Just remember the quote given by Einstein:

“I’m thankful to those who said NO,

because of them I did it MYSELF.”
This really a very good quote which I came across few days back in really good quotes to live by.
One should not get upset; just think about why they failed. They failed because they do not have the desire to win. They lack the discipline in life. They do not have the motivational support behind them. Also they do not have dedication for their work. So, all these things are essential in life. See there is no such secret behind the success. There are lots of factors affecting it These principles apply to all whether the person is male or female, poor or rich, Educated or uneducated.
One the person is successful he must acknowledge the people who helped them in their victory. They must have played a diligent effort in the accomplishment of the task. You must always gratitude to those people who contributed in performing the task successfully.
Sometime in our life we put off our hands. This not a good job, but we are helpless. But later you have regrets for what you have done in life. Never give up in life because that develops a negative approach.
Complete your task on time because you feel comfort. It generates a new energy inside you. If you do not complete a task then it gives you a negative feeling. It is just like a tank with so many leakage points from a tank full of water. Make your habit of doing work now not later. Live in present do not rely on future. Live in today and complete your work on time. Tomorrow never comes. You will cultivate and sustain a positive attitude in life.
We need good food for our body every day to stay fit and healthy. In similar way every day new thoughts are required by our mind needs. Just like axe is sharpened before cutting trees we need to sharpen our mind. How often you do it with your mind? I know that we do not do this action in continuity. But we need it in our daily life.
What if we eat only junk food, obviously our body will not remain fit and healthy, we may fall sick. Therefore we must eat good foods. What about bad thoughts? If we read some bad thoughts it our mind will become sick. We must supply a good thought to our mind so that it can work well and stay fit.
“A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind.”-Thomas Jefferson
To achieve success we must practice constantly reading really good quotes to live by.

Personal Quotes To Live By

Man becomes wise when, reads the history of some great men. By reading history we come to know about the challenges and solutions they faced in the past. We come to know how they overcome from those challenges. What was their source of motivation?  Everything about them; which played a vital role in creating their history.

Reading is not appreciated by those who are cunning. It is admired by simple people who love reading books. Only wise men make proper use of their studies.  Books do not teach people how to use knowledge gained from them. It comes from wisdom based on experience and observations of life.

Crafty men condemn studies; simple men admire them; wise men use them.”-Bacon

We can develop wit and an oratory power by reading quotes. They also help in the development of mind.  The natural ability of an individual are helped to a great extent by reading quotes thoroughly. Our natural abilities are like natural plants which need to nurture in natural way. Wisdom makes a man complete. He well versed while participating in a conversation. They mould your thinking about life and also the way of life.

The quote included are on variety of subjects. The range is wide. They make you confident while sharing the sweetness inside them. They encompass various aspects of life- social, cultural political moral, philosophical, literary, funny and critical. There are intended to inculcate in young minus the importance of those values of life which no law can enforce but which are necessary for smooth running of society.  The only advice one can give to there is to take no advice from others. One must one’s own reason and come to one’s conclusions. One must be independent to make his own decisions in life. There is no such definite rule for reading quotes. If one follows the judgment and suggestions of other in life, one destroys the spirit of freedom. To enjoy freedom, one must control oneself.

What is essential in a work of art is that it should rise far above the realm of personal life and speak to the spirit and heart of the poet as man to the spirit and heart of mankind.”-Carl Gusta


There are only few people who can take maximum pleasure from reading quotes from personal quotes to live by. Do not read quotes with prior convictions and notions, in this sate you will not be able to get the fullest possible value from quotes. You can understand then, when you have an open mind while reading.  We get minute details about different aspects of life from reading lives of men and words of wisdom. The windows of past are opened in front of us. We become familiar with the habits, and the secrets of great men. Sometime we may pull out a quote or citation that they have written which interpret the whole life of the author. We read personal quotes to live by to refresh and exercise our own creative powers.

Sports Quotes To Live By

If we could give every individual the right amount of nourishment and exercise, not too little and not too much, we would have found the safest way to health.” -Hippocrates

Quotes play an important role in the field. Sport men play in a team for their country. So it is the matter of their nation’s pride. While playing a game they represent their nation. Have you enjoyed a live match in your life time? Is there any difference between the environment watching a match on TV or on ground? I will tell you about the difference. The atmosphere on the ground is very motivating and full of passion. It is not for the players but all the audiences are full of energy, they support their teams in their own way. They encourage players by reciting good and powerful quotes. A team can win a losing game with power quotes. When they hear the motivational quotes on the ground, they get motivated. They bounce back and win the game. Audience plays a vital role in their victory because they are the source of inspiration and motivation for the players. Audiences cheer up their players to win the game. We have also heard songs related to sports. Different nations have different motivational songs related to sports which are played when their team is in field. Playing a motivational song gives them energy to play hard and win the game.

A player with positive mind will play better for his nation. So he must have an open mind while playing. This has been rightly said in the following quotation cited by Bruce Lee

Effort within the mind further limits the mind, because effort implies struggle towards a goal and when you have a goal, a purpose, an end in view, you have placed a limit on the mind.”-Bruce lee

The greatest efforts in sports came when the mind is as still as a glass lake.”-Timothy Gallwey

Players must read good thoughts in order to keep their mind fit. We have made a collection of thought especially for sportsmen on our website Sports quotes to live by. They open the mind of players. The valuable quote increases their performance and has many benefits. They can develop their personality.


You can implement quotes in your daily routine so that they enable to live life in own way.

You must not listen to songs on your iPod while doing exercise. Listen to the quotes and sayings of great men. You can buy a CD of inspirational quotes.

Write your favorite quote on your calendar; mirror and dash board of your car or in your mobile so that you read them regularly.

You can also memorize them, but only one in a day.

Make a habit of reading quotes Sports quotes to live by before going to bed and when you wake up early in the morning. You do not need much time to read them just log on to our website for few minutes and rest is done for you.

Awesome Quotes To Live By

Whom do you owe all your success? Whom do you consider as the source of inspiration and motivation in life? Every successful human being on this earth has some source of motivation behind them. Serving others is the most beautiful thing one can do. By serving others life becomes meaningful. If you want that you must be loved by all then you must live your life for others. Some says behind my success my family played an important role, some says my friends and lot more. But I don’t agree with them. There is lot of things behind the success of a man. Family plays an important role, but the other factors include your positive attitude, motivation, gratitude and their critics.

Criticism helps you to move along a right path because they keep a check on you. Whenever you do anything wrong they criticize you and point out your weaknesses. You must take criticism in positive way. You come to know about your weaknesses and get a chance for improvement. So criticism plays a vital role in one’s success.

“Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.”- Victor Borge

Always be humble to others. You must respect the feelings of others. If you wish to keep them happy then you must show your gratitude towards them. Do you know about the three magical words? No I will tell you about the three magical words by which you can open the ways for your success. The first magical word is “sorry”. Sorry is a small word but with lot of power inside it. It’s better to say sorry; to resolve the fight and argument between the two. Your   opponent will become polite with you. Hence you get success. ‘Please’ and ‘thank you’ are the small change with which we pay our way as social beings. They are the little courtesies by which we keep the machine of life oiled and running sweetly.

Knowledge comes from studying awesome quotes to live by. A study of quote is useful in three ways, first it gives us delight. The pleasure of quotes can be chiefly enjoyed by a man who leads a retired and lonely life. Secondly, it has an ornamental value which can be seen in the conversation of a learned man. Thirdly it adds to one’s ability.


Good people are good because they’ve come to wisdom through failure. We get very little wisdom from success, you know.”- William Saroyan

“By the time a man is wise enough to watch his step, he’s too old to go anywhere.” -Billy Crystal


The ability developed by reading quotes is helpful in judging business projects and handling them. It is true that only men of experience can execute projects and judge their details but the overall management of affairs is expected only from those who have acquired enough knowledge from quotes. Reading awesome quotes is appreciated by wise man. Cunning people never try to read them


Beautiful quotes to live by

Quotes may help you to set up new goals in life. They also help you to generate the new purpose of life.  Beautiful quotes to live by have some beautiful quotes which makes your day pleasant. You will learn to cultivate new ideas so that you can make your future bright.  They not play an important role in your success. The concept behind the quotes cannot be achieved by simply browsing them. You cannot absorb the concept by just reading the quotes quickly. Beautiful quotes to live by must be read slowly and carefully. Only one at a single time is enough. Read it carefully; find the motive behind the quote. When you will get the motive behind it and then read another one. It is very important that you must understand the quote otherwise there is no meaning in reading it. It is useless for you.

“Reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting.”  -Edmund Burke

The purpose of reading quotes is related directly your thoughts. Thoughts are again related with the mind and it status. So over we can say that if quotations are inspiring and motivational they prove to be great help in set up of mind.  If your status of mind is good the actions performed by you will also be good.

“Quotations will tell the full measure of meaning, if you have enough of them.”  -James Murray

To create an action plan is important in life. Your thoughts define your actions. So, positive thoughts results in good action. Planning is important before performing an action.

Do you know about action plan? Have you made your action plan? No, you do not know about it?


See you all must have an action plan in life so that you actions are sound and get what you want from life. Have you ever created an action plan in your life? Let us discus some important facts about action plan.  It includes three things. First question is: what do you want to achieve in life? Secondly how will you achieve it? And thirdly, when you will get it? If you know the answer of these three questions no one can stop you to reach the destination within the bar. You must be sure about your action plan so that you can implement it correctly on time.

“Action is the last resource of those who know not how to dream.”  -Oscar Wilde

If you know the value of time it is more beneficial for you. You must understand what the quotation wants to tell you.  They make your foundation strong. You can build life in own way by the help of strong foundation. The principle behind each and every quotation is unique and interesting. They are eternal and applicable in all terms and condition of life.

Click on your favorite subject of quotes and you will many quotes for reading. This is a good start of the day. You may discus quotes with your family and even with your friends

Character quotes to live by

“What the statesman is most anxious to produce is a certain moral character in his fellow citizens, namely a disposition to virtue and the performance of virtuous actions.”-Aristotle

This quote tells the importance of character in life. Character once loss cannot be recovered very easily.  One should maintain his character, especially when he is the role model of others. Because people often try to follow their role model and do what their icons do.  You can be a man of good character if you read good character quotes from our website quotes to live by.

Character matters a lot in one’s life. We all are social person. Whatever we do creates an affects our society, our family. They watch our action and have a direct impact. If we are a public figure then we have to be very alert about our actions. We cam misunderstood by the public for our silly actions .so we must control our behavior in personal as well as professional life. You can create a good impact on the minds of people if you have a good character. Celebrities often indulge in scams by a single mistake in life. This mistake can even spoil his career. People may criticize him badly. This also affects the personal life. Relations become weak and may even break. So being a responsible person we must built our character sound and strong. The following quote cited by Thomas Babington proves that our character reveals the actual men inside us.

“The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.”  -Thomas Babington Macaulay

Character quotes to live by are written by those author who themselves experience a hardship in their life so read their favorite quotes and increase your wisdom. So stay tuned with quotes to live by and live happy.

Quotes should be read so that we are able to consider facts with care and accuracy. Some quotes are to be partly read. Some quotes require sampling. Some quotes are to be hurriedly read. Character quotes to live by are to properly read with labor and attention so that the knowledge contained in them is acquired and digested.



“The measure of a man’s real character is what he would do if he knew he never would be found out.”  -Thomas Babington Macaulay

We should read quotes for enriching our knowledge, but not to deny the fact or prove that some-one is wrong. We should study quotes not to believe and take for granted whatever is mentioned is given in those quotes. We should not read quotes to find the topic of conversation.

Suggest them to read character quotes which are very simple yet powerful. When you discuss these thought around you will get to know the different aspect and meaning of character quotes. You will get to know what others think about that particular thought. Expose your mind towards good quotations related with character.