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Life is too short so do not waste it rather make efforts to live it with excellence. Do you the difference in life and dinner? In dinner the sweets come in last. We can make our dinner tasty and healthy by learning the method of cooking. Same way you can learn the art of life to make it better. You can mould your life according to your terms.

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We all begin our journey of life in same way as every man does. Some men stop while some keep on travelling. All of them reach their destinations somehow. But the person, who does not stop for a while during their journey, reaches first to his destination. The memories of their journey will be on the traveler’s lips. They tell their memories after they finish it successfully. During their journey some of them will ask their friends for help while crossing a crossroad. But some of the travelers will find their way by making correct choices. They do not seek for the help from others. When they reach their destinations they tell us about their journey in form of few words. These few words become quotes when repeated. These quotes helped them to stand and fight in their difficult times. These quotes have a high moral value which inspires other in their troublesome time.

These great men were ordinary before their success. They become great when they fought wisely and won the battle of their life.

They might have followed some principles in their life which led them to win the game. You must be having some basic principles in your life. Principles make your foundation strong and open the path for success.

Whenever you face defeat in life then you must need a motivation to take a stand in front of difficulty of life. Do you feel the urge of motivation sometime? If you are searching for some wise quotes then you must visit Life quotes to live by to read some motivational quotes. “Life Quotes to live by” stabilize your motivational support and keeps your spirit high.  Motivational quotes prove to be a driven force which helps you to go through the challenges of life you face every day. Quotes may contain a few words or a sentence or several sentences which helps to maintain your motivational level high. With Life quotes to live by you can improve your life. You can also improve the ways in which you live your life.

Life Quotes to live by overcome your fear which you suffer. Come out of your fears by reading life quotes. You will become more daring. You will be ready to face new ventures and challenges. You will learn new things. So, become daring by reading Life quotes to live by.

Motivation is important in life. We need to be motivated. This is vital because if we are depressed then we make mistakes.

Motivation takes you out of the stress. Stress is very harmful for health. When you are in stress you will not be able to make correct decisions. You can get motivated by reading some jokes, wise words, or some nice thoughts.

Your life will become boring if you will not have fun around you. “Life quotes to live by” is a good source where you can find some cheesy quotes on life. These quotes will make you smile over your difficulty. When you feel upset you must take break from your work and search for some good quotations. You will fell light-hearted. Quotations are not meant for entertainment only. Life quotes to live by remind you to live in present life. If you need guidance at any time of your life you can get it from these life quotes.

These quotes have some wonderful meaning which great men wanted to tell us. Quotes acts as brain booster and keep your fighting spirit high.

Most of the time people often read life quotes and send them to friends or post them on social networking websites. You think that your mission is complete. But you forget that you mission is incomplete until you follow the in your own life.  You must read the quotations and follow them to make your life worthy.