Wise Quotes To Live By

Man often becomes what he believes himself to be. If a man thinks that he is not capable of doing things correctly it may happen that he may end his day doing things wrong and making himself incapable. On the other hand when a man believes that he can do the things in the right way then he will certainly finish all the things well. He will be able to generate the capability which initially he might not be having. So the meaning is that you must not lose faith in yourself. Always try to believe that you can do anything, nothing is impossible for you.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.”-E.E. Cummings, 1955
You must have belief on your capability; this can be achieved from, positive thoughts. Positive thoughts in mind will create a positive effect and you get the solutions of your problems. The role of positive thought is very much in our life. Your thoughts control your actions.

“Think like a man of action, and act like a man of thoughts.”- Henri l. Bergson
You can boost your mind with some good positive thoughts by reading quotes to live by, which is a very good collection of quotation. This is our website which has great range of positive thoughts. You can start your day by reading a thought every day from quotes to live by, as it takes very less time. You don’t have to spend hours and hours on reading thoughts on quotes to live by. You have to log on our website quotes to live by for few minutes. Read thoughts of your choice.

Godly Quotes To Live By

How do you like to start your day? Well I would like start my day with quotes from quotes to live by. I preferably read out quotes which are very famous and said by some famous personalities in the past. Those great personalities are no more with us but live today in their thoughts. When I am wake up in the morning I read the great saying and it give a lot of inspiration in my hard times. I feel as if they are along with me to bless by their sayings. They help me to focus on my goals. I always try to think about how those great men lived their life. All the great men and women have helped us in living our life to full extent. In shaping our society they played a very big role. There are so many people who do not know the importance of quotes. They are not read and think over the quotes they come across in their daily life. Such people do not have any idea what they are missing in their life and the loss cannot be overstated.

A person who is facing a struggling time in their life can only understand what does these quotes really mean. Getting a list of motivational quotes from quotes to live by would help such people in realizing the problem and in finding the ways to get out of it. The perspectives of the entire of a human being can be changed if one starts reading and thinking about the wise word from quotes to live by. If ones one wants to know about the thinking of great men who created history then godly quotes to live by is perhaps the best way to know about it and implement that in your life to make it more happier.

Best Quotes To Live By For You

Quotes and wise words are the most lasting product of human effort because time does not destroy thoughts which are fresh today as when they first passed through their authors mind ages ago. What was then thought and said still speaks to us vividly as ever from the printed pages. Books introduce us into the best society by bringing us into the presence of greatest minds that have ever lived. But reading heavy books is not possible for us when we need to read the thoughts. Easy way is to move along with those famous writers and great heroes by hearing and reading quotes to live by, what they said and did, by seeing them as if they were really alive by sympathizing with them, by enjoying with them and grieving with them. They also impart knowledge which gives us liberation.

Quotes to live by have wisdom quotes which are the source of self knowledge. Self-knowledge is of great importance. Do you know about Alexander the great? He was a great emperor but was defeated by a man of self-knowledge. Self knowledge enlightens the mind and soul. The great Buddha enlightens the whole world with their knowledge. Self-knowledge made Buddha enlightened one and free from the pangs of life. It made him spiritually very strong. A spiritually strong man is the vector oh the whole world. The powerful are really those who are intellectually strong and have a keen insight into secrets of these powerful quotes from quotes to live by.
Quotes show you the right path to move forward in life without any stoppage. Life is to live with great fun and glory.
When you read good thoughts you feel pleasure and motivated because you feel the presence of those great heroes by your side and you feel blessed

Best Quotes To Live By For You

Personality is a grace that lends itself to one possessed of self-confidence. What is self–confidence? It is a state of mind entirely sure of its own thoughts and actions whether right or wrong. Believe in yourself and in this belief you will grow more and more confident in yourself. Surely invokes the approval of others, the needed encouragement to greater confidence. The most effective and beneficial influence towards this end is the understanding gained by experience of life so that you can see life in its true proportion  and realize that it is not enough to be fine. One must be fitting and know that he is alone is the fittest to who takes the least cognizance of what other’s opinion of him. It is the fear of opinion of other person that binds and imprisons one, while it is fearlessness of that opinion that gives one his freedom the single mindedness which is his power. If we desire that our life should make a fascinating appeal and be full of charm, we must have personality because where one does not charm one is not charmed in return. It is not a thing reserved for the gifted. It can be had by anyone from quotes to live by who wills to have it but will must be strong enough to endure the most discouraging experience for nothing that is worth having can be gained with ease and of all the goals in life. Personality is the most difficult to gain, precisely as it is the greatest prize to win but you can add to your personality by quotes to live by.

We have heard that sense of humor can add to your personality which is not present in all. One can gain or cultivate sense of humor by reading humor quotes on quotes to live by.

Quotes To Live By

Quotes To Live By

Hello friends! Are you in search of some beautiful thoughts to make your life better and spicy? You must read quotes to live by to find the way to make your life happier and glorious. These can cause in a Extrinsic Motivation For you also .

Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Motivation , we will discuss about them also here on our website .

The glory of life is to live it to the fullest. Reading quotes makes you fit and healthy both physically as well as mentally. Are you feeling depressed by your work? If your work does not make you happy then it’s better to change the way you look at your work.  If you need some fun in your life then don’t go outside for fun. You can entertain yourself by reading some funny jokes which you can find on quotes to live by.”Quotes to live by” is a website which has qualitative material to study.

Extrinsic Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation are also available and can be read on our site .
All types of quotes are available on this website. Quotes to live by have incorporated the work saying of great men. When you will read these quotes then you will the flow of energy inside you. By these thoughts you can set your mind about the ups and downs in your life.

Extrinsic Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation Quotes are also available on our sites and these can change your life also .

One of most important thing why you must read quotes to live by is nice humor. By reading funny quotes you will feel good. These funny quotes explain the irony of life in very simple and beautiful words. Sense of humor is not common in common people. Sense of humor is the common sense dancing around. You must know the importance of humor in life. Humor can connect you to the society in very special way.

quotes to live by

Other than the funny quotes you can read some great quotes which tell you the reality of life. We all need someone who can motivate us. This website has included the saying and thoughts of great personalities and philosophers who faced many challenges in their lives. From their personal experiences they wrote all these quotes. Quotes to live by have a vast collection of the literary work of these philosophers.


A wonderful thing can come out from a problem. Just keep you focus on positive side of life and laugh over the negative side.

You learn the ways to make the world a better place for you by reading quotes to live by.  The main motto of quotes to live by is to inspire people with the experiences of famous personalities.  These quotes show how these men lived their live and fought their battle of life. What did they felt when they achieved victory.

Quotes boost up your energy level. They also have the great impact on our lives. So we must read some nice thoughts. Quotes to live by are a good option for quality quotes.

Great men have done their work left this world. We have their wise words which are still with us. They are filled with wisdom. We must respect the wise words of those great men and follow them in our life.  There is a lot which we can learn from their magical words. They also followed these saying while they were struggling. This wise word enhances your wisdom by making you wise.  A wise man knows the importance of the sayings of great men and they try to follow their imprints. They walk on the imprints of great leaders to become successful and create a new history.

If you need a good collection of such good words then you must click on our website quotes to live by. Here you will find all types of quotes. These quotes have a high motivational value.

All other websites do not have such a vast collection of thoughts as quotes to live by have.

We have brought these quotes together in form of a website named quotes to live by. The quotes includes in quotes to live by have extraordinary impact on our lives. They fit with each and every situation of our life.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quotes tell you that life is an experiment and you always learn new things. Every day is new day for us. Quotes to live by have many such other quotes. The collection of quotes is very large and unique. If you wish to read good quotes to make your life better than you must read quotes to live by.

We can gain wisdom by reading these quotes. We must recognize ourselves. If we fail to recognize our self we will never come to know the meaning of our life. We will never be able to express others what we are and we want to be.

For making life worthy we must have some principles in our life. All the successful people certainly had some principles in their life which gave them wisdom to achieve success. Living life must not be your aim of life. The purpose of life must be live life with fun and adventure. So, every time you learn something real and unique. You can be unique by having unique ideas in your mind. You can get these ideas when you will read quotes to live by.

Do you have any favorite quote? You do not have any favorite quotation?  Then you must be having an ideal in your mind whose principles you follow. If you don’t have an ideal in your life then you must be having some principles which you follow? Don’t you think you must have a principle to give meaning to your life? If you do not have then you must search it. You can get some quotes which may change your life in quotes to live by. You will certainly feel good while reading quotes to live by. Quotes to live by have included quotes of great men and philosopher which lived their life with excellence. They taught a lesson to rest of the world by their actions.

Quotes to live by have the positive influence on the mind. They motivate you internally. You enjoy while working and you rejoice.

Intrinsic VS Extrinsic Motivation

Friends do you know the importance of motivation in life? Why do we need it and when? In this article I am going to tell you the importance of motivation in life. Motivation is of two types one is intrinsic motivation and other is extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is better than the extrinsic motivation. When we motivate someone from deep inside then it is referred to as intrinsic motivation. An individual feels it from inside and his approach to life becomes positive.

A person motivated from internally will do his work with great pleasure. When we complete our task thereby enjoying it gives us a complete satisfaction. We fee happy and fully satisfied with our task. We also enjoy while working. This is because we are not doing our task with efforts for any reward; we are working for our internal satisfaction.

If the person is intrinsically motivated he will find the solution of his problem by himself because it will give a pleasure. The efficiency of motivated person increases as he not finding the solution for a prize or rewards.

I am not saying that the person must not seek any reward. He will get when he will complete his task with perfection. He will be appreciated and may be promoted. This is a reward for him.

I have seen in many schools that students are motivated to complete their projects and assignments on time for good grades. They will complete their task due to the pressure but they do not complete their project with full interest.

They will complete their projects even they do not understand what they are doing. They can copy projects and assignments from their friends. They will not be able to get good grades because they did not put their efforts. So, intrinsic motivation is important to motivate the students.

Students have lot of pressure of studies due to increasing competitions all over the world. So they need intrinsic motivation in life to do their task with efficiency and pleasure.


Motivate students internally giving them good grades is not enough for them. You will see a remarkable achievement when the students are motivated in classrooms. So we can say that intrinsic Motivation can make a better future of students. Schools must organize activities so that student learns something new by enjoying it. If the student is motivated in classroom then he will enjoy his studies and the result will be good. Researchers and psychologists also believe that intrinsic motivation is better than the extrinsic motivation. When the students study for exams they are doing that to get good marks. This is an example of extrinsic motivation. Whatever they learn for their exams they forget after sometime. They do not retain their knowledge for long time. A student, who is intrinsically motivated, will retain the knowledge for long time. Motivated student will perform well in all his activities because he enjoys doing that every time.

Intrinsic Extrinsic Motivation

Life comes with many challenges. It brings up and down with it. Some people lose hope some hope for the best, as the hope never ends.
Whenever you feel hopeless you must do something which motivates you to think positive and hoping for the best. We must always think that best has yet to come. Challenges make you strong enough to find the solution for it.
You learn new things when you overcome your challenges. But to take a stand against the challenges we need to be get motivated regularly. There are two types of motivation: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. Both differ from each other. In this article we will discuss how organizations motivate their employees external to improve their performance as well as productivity.
Many big companies motivate their employees to complete their projects on time. But motivating the worker is not an easy task. We motivate workers in an organization according to their work and requirement. Some employees are motivated by giving them higher post in the company. Some employees are motivated by giving them monetary rewards.
It is very important to know about the reasons and need of the employees before motivation.

Organizations put certain clauses that the person who is going to give more output will get a cash prize or bonus with the salary. Giving cash prize or rewarding employees in an organization is an example of extrinsic motivation. Workers complete their goal within the time period because they get a prize doing so.
Organization use external motivation to increase the productivity of their company. This way they increase the efficiency of the workers in the company. So, extrinsic motivation really proves helpful and advantageous for companies.
Extrinsic motivation does not come from inside. This will encourage to do work but you will not feel pleasure from inside.
Organizing some recreational facilities or holiday package will also motivate employees. This is an extremely good idea to motivate employees as they will feel happy from inside. This will entertain them from their boring work for a small interval of time.

Extrinsic Motivation Definition

Extrinsic motivation
If you ask me that which motivation is better between the two: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation? According to me intrinsic motivation is better than the extrinsic motivation . But intrinsic motivation is not easy to create. In case of extrinsic motivation is easy to create.
You need the support of extrinsic motivation when you have the same tiresome and boring work daily. Your work is not at all interesting and it does not excite you.
How will you motivate yourself for doing the same work again and again? Probably you will think about the future where you will get some reward or appreciation on completion of your task. You must concentrate on your goal rather on the procedure. You will be able to finish your task very soon and with excellence and perfection.
Complete your work in such a way that people acknowledge you for your work. Hence you get a feeling of satisfaction.
You feel better when people appreciate you and acknowledge you for your job. You must focus on you goal and think positive. Positive thinking can make you task easy and interesting.
Extrinsic motivation not only includes rewards or cash prize it includes praise, acknowledgement, certificates, a treat or more. It is very important that students in school are motivated properly for their mental growth. This way the child will learn more and improve in their studies. External motivation increases productivity and ability to complete all the work on time. A teacher must reward student if they perform well in the classroom. They can give students some extra points for their assignments and motivate them for doing that every time in class. Teacher should give some grades on the basis of good behavior of the student in classroom. This way the student will feel motivated and will enjoy doing all the activities with responsibility.

Extrinsic Motivation

When we face a crisis in our life and we are going through a difficult time you need motivation so that you release your stress.

If motivation comes from outside factors which influence our progress is called as extrinsic motivation. People do their work because they know that at the end of their task they will get a reward. They complete their task without enjoying their work. Extrinsic motivation is like an external force which pushes you to perform well in life.
Extrinsic Motivation Definition

Intrinsic Extrinsic Motivation

Remember the time of your college life. This is the time when we do not want to study. We want to enjoy our life but instead of enjoying we study for getting good grades. Hoping to get good grades is external motivation. We worked hard for grades not for our enjoyment. Students often participate in various games and activities because they get some reward and cash prize when they win.

Similarly when you are on your job you work more for some bonus or good increments. This is an example of extrinsic motivation. You work well even you are fed up with doing same task again and again. But you do the same task over for years because you need you pay.

People often think that there no extrinsic motivation and it has no power. But it is not true. It is very powerful as it can change your attitude towards your goal in life. The most difficult things can become easy when you know that there is a reward at the end of that difficulty.

You will face many problems with extrinsic motivation.

  • It might happen that you fail to concentrate on your goal.
  • You care for the reward and do not pay attention on the excellence of the work. You complete your task but it is not up to the given standards.
  • You might be unwilling if you do not get any reward.


Many companies try to motivate their employees by giving those rewards for their work. In this way their efficiency increases


Intrinsic Motivation Definition

Life is full of sorrows and happiness. Just like a dice it has so many faces. We see the life in the same way, as we the facing side of the dice. Sometimes in life we take some wrong decisions and the result is failure. We fell depressed and think that now everything has ended   in your life. At this moment we need some motivation in our life restart our life. Every end has a new beginning. So we must seek out for motivation when we are motivated we have the desire to live life once again with full energy. Intrinsic motivation gives you a positive energy to do your task with efficiency and with positive thinking. A positive thought can change your attitude towards life. Reading something motivational can be helpful. You can read some stories of great men or their motivational thoughts. They are the source of intrinsic motivation.

Just ask them to read some good books which can motivate them. The books having value education will definitely help them to get motivated. Education must enhance your knowledge and knowledge does not come by just reading books. They should be read properly. But the right use of the teachings is when we implement those things in our daily life.

Intrinsic motivation gives you a positive attitude by which your thoughts and way of seeing the life will change. You have seen that intrinsic motivation can make you win a losing game. Intrinsic Motivation gives you a power. You can read some motivational quotes so that you get motivational support. Listening good and motivational music will be delightful. Motivational stories of great men show you the right path so that you can find your own way. These stories reveal the ideas and solutions which great men followed in their life time.

It is very difficult to generate intrinsic motivation. Once it is created then it gives you satisfaction in your work. You will feel pleasure doing your work. Some people say intrinsic motivation does not exist in this materialistic world. But this is not true as I feel it when I read some motivational stories and quotations.