Quotes To Live By Humor

“A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.” - Mignon McLaughlin.

If you have a good sense of humor you have the power to turn your stress into fun. A good sense of humor is essential to maintain a good relationship. There are many misunderstandings which are created during our life time in our relations. We must overlook such petty things and try to resolve them by our sense of humor. Humor and wit are most powerful tools in life that gives you strength to laugh over your mistakes. You can take things easy with a lighthearted attitude. This way you can get rid of any controversy. You amuse over things which makes you annoy, if you have good sense of humor. You can avoid small problems of life because major problems have some great stories that have to be told.

Having fun must be our priority in life other than making money. Making money may give some pleasure but at the end of the day you will not satisfied with that.

It is also important for kids to have fun in life. Running outside and playing various games like building blocks, chess etc. make children creative. By playing games they relieve stress and have fun.

Adults need to pay attention with the increasing stress in their life. Because playtime is not only essential for children it is important for adults also. Fun plays a crucial role in our life. Adults need more fun in life because they bear the responsibility of career, family, and kids. There are many obligations regarding their life. Having fun in life is also our duty. Every one of us has a child within us. So we try to please that child and relieve stress by doing certain activities like playing golf, dancing, going out for movie etc.  Have fun in life to reduce stress. Reading Quotes to live by humor can be a fun in your life.

You will understand the things very easily if they are explained with humor. Only human beings have the capability to laugh and make others laugh as well. Humor gives us the capability to see the situation with anew angle. If we will lose our sense of humor then life would become unbearable. Sense of humor takes out the seriousness of our day to day life and you feel free.

We all are not blessed with a good sense of humor when we are born. By taking some steps it can be developed in our daily life.

You can also cultivate the sense of humor by doing some activities given below:

  • You must watch some comedy serials.
  • Try to be with humorous people around you
  • Be cheerful and play pranks on others
  • Read some humor quotes from quotes to live by humor. It has the vast collection of humorous jokes.

Reading humorous quotes is the easiest option for you. Add humor to life to make it more pleasant.

Funny Quotes To Live By – SERIAL 5

One of the most powerful tools to be healthy is laughter. Laughter can refresh your mind. It helps to improve your emotional state. We all are blessed with a sense of humor. This sense of humor helps us to stagger in an unfamiliar situation of life.

Medical science has proven that humor, works against the bad effects caused by stress on our body. Stress has bad effects on the immune system of our body. So must arouse a sense of humor inside us to ease out from stressful life.

Another thing which plays an important role is inspiration. Inspiration or motivation is the power which forces you to achieve your goal with a positive attitude. Both humor and motivation are essential for a successful life. If you are motivated internally from your heart then you will do your best. You will enjoy doing your work and the result would definitely be better than before.

So, we can conclude that humor and inspiration together has the power to change one’s life. We can find them together in funny life quotes to live by. These funny quotes inspire you in a humorous manner. You can get fun and inspiration in a single time.

Most of people believe that we can’t get fun and inspiration together. But we can have fun and inspiration together while reading these quotes.

Life becomes easy when it is presented in wittiest manner. Learning life becomes easy with humor and fun. There are lots of people who are worried about their past and future. They don’t live their present fully. They forget that they must enjoy the present moment of life. We must know that whatever happened with us in past cannot be changed and we cannot predict our future. Past is a history and future is a mystery. So, we must leave all the worries of our past and future and concentrate on our present.

How many of you stop and enjoy yourself? How many of you listen to the chirruping sound of birds and enjoy listening it. We enjoy paying bills of the restaurant and enjoy dinner. We enjoy watching TV which tells the forecast of our future. Do you feel satisfied with that? Does something make you feel glad from your inner self?

We must try out certain things which make us feel happy. Reading funny quotes will give you some. It is pleasant meeting people who always laugh and who make other laugh as well. Here are some very funny quotes which you will like.

“Life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, so waste your time and have the time of your life”

Wise Quotes To Live By

Aristotle said,”The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.”  We all imagine about one day which will have no worries and pain in life. We often think about that day. But that day never comes in our life. We don’t feel justified with our problems. We always say “why me?” we never say problems “try me.” We always curse our destiny and feel remorse.

I think most of the people have asked this question in their life many times. Have you got your answer? No, then I will give you the answer for your question. You get what you can handle best. If god is not answering to your questions and prayers, He is polishing you against the hard rock of life.  We must have faith in almighty God.
People waste their time in complaining about minor problems of stupid relations and hasty things in life. They do not understand that life is too short and we must enjoy every bit of it.

Your search will never end, if you are searching for a complete happy life. Pain is a part of happy life, which you will come to know when you will get out of stormy winds of life. You must learn to get out the sordid realities of life. You will come to know more about life when you come across some nice words.

Wise quotes encourages you learn the ways to handle the situation of life during the time of remorse. Apart from that they also give you knowledge.

If you are hungry for fun and knowledge than you must visit wise quotes to live by. You will come to know more about life and they make you stronger. We cannot accept what is going in our life, so we need to boost our mental ability to approach life.

“You need to appreciate what you got before you can focus on getting more.” It means you must concentrate on what you have rather than complaining what you do not have. Appreciate the things which you have, if you do not like it then you must change to have more in life. You are not a tree, just move ahead to find your own way. Grab your opportunity to learn something new.

Knowledge is so vast that one’s life is not enough for it. Even if one gets many lives one can know very little about the sordid realities of life. It so refreshing that the more one knows, the more one wants to know.

Experience is an arch which gleams that travelled. All the great men have contributed to the society with their personal experiences. They taught us a lesson, how to handle difficulties that we are facing. We have brought together the experience of some great personalities in our website in form of quotes. Quotations are wisdom packed in few words. This is the quality of quotes which I like most and read them very often.

Fun Quotes To Live By

Hello friends! are you searching some easy ways to have Fun in life. Fun has an important role in our life.

A good sense of humor is not a god’s gift for all .But we can have a good sense of humor by reading fun quotes to live by. Quotes in our website are unique and meaningful. They tell you the meaning of your life in funny way.

We must read quotes for enriching our knowledge. We must not read quotes for finding topics for talk, fun, and conversation. Quotes must be read so that we are able to consider and implement these Facts with care and accuracy in our daily life.

“Life is like an onion. Why is life like an onion? Because you peel away layer after layer and when you come to the end you have nothing.” -Yiddish Proverb

The quote above tells us that life is like the layers of onion, because at the end of life you have nothing which you can take along with you. This quote shows the reality of life in very simple and easy way which a common person can understand.

People often think that   the real power comes from money but the real power comes from sense of humor. We must do certain things so that we can increase our sense of humor.

We all are well familiar about the importance of quotes in one’s life. Man is the maker of his own fate. He has made his fortune busy by understanding and diligence in his trade. Just as a Sunday gives an opportunity to clean the rust of boredom, staleness and indifference which accumulates during the period of six working days same way you can feel while reading these quotes. They make you feel fresh. People feel fresh once again, lively and amiable after a Sunday and reading quotes. It gives them an opportunity not only to refresh mind but also appear in order to distinguish themselves before the whole congregation.

We regard life as a battlefield in which the final issue could be determined. What appears defeat to one might be the seeds of triumph for others. Therefore we must have a right mind set in battlefield which comes from humor in life. This can be achieved when we read something very knowledgeable yet witty. You will get some witty and funny quotations on fun quotes to live by.

Don’t take life to seriously. No one gets out alive.” This is one of my favorite quotations which I read. This little quote has huge meaning to me.  I never feel agonized about my life. I always enjoy ever moment of life because I know that that there is nothing certain about life. My life is in my hands, whether I live to fullest or I waste it. It depends only on me what type of life I choose for myself. I have decided to live life while having fun all the time.

Humor Quotes To Live By

The most important duty of a person is to make himself happy, but this duty has been under estimated. If a person keeps himself happy, it has numerous benefits for the world. Though these benefits cannot be conveyed in words but when it is done, the man who feels most surprised at it is the benefactor himself because he not only blesses himself by being happy but also those who stand around him. We do not know much more of pleasure created by laughter.

If a person is extremely busy in studies at school or college or in religious affairs or in making money at market, it shoes that his energy is lacking in something. On the other hand people who are idle show the idler’s appetite for all things of life and his desire to maintain his identity. Those who want to keep themselves engaged in one or some other traditional profession are not fully alive people; they are rather half dead individuals because they are not conscious of life at all. There is no much duty we much under rate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world, which remain unknown even to ourselves, or  when they are disclosed, surprise nobody so much as the benefactor. The man of today does not know much about the ways for being happy. The people who are not aware of their surroundings are half dead.

People must make good resolutions of forgetting all about the past memories. The past is a history which they cannot change.

Our life is gorgeous with to-morrows. Humor teaches to make fun of ourselves. We laugh and weep together at the same time. It is true that only men of experience can execute projects and judge details but overall management is expected from those who have acquired enough knowledge about life.

Quotes included in humor quotes to live by are to be properly read with attention so that the knowledge contained in them is acquired and digested. Here is one for you:

Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.” -Tory Filler

The above humorous quotes shows the experience come when we have committed a mistake. Cheesy quote but very well said by Tory Filler.

The study of history makes a man wise. The study of poetry makes a man imaginative and quick in mind. The study of mathematics makes one’s mind subtle. The study of physical science makes a man very deep in knowledge sounds in morals and sober in nature. The study of logic and oratory makes a man ready for debates and completions.  Thus studies pass into ones character and they mould his way of life and thinking.

So far as wit and humor is concerned, there is no obstacle in its way. If there is any defect in wit, it may be corrected in the way as the physical defects by appropriate physical exercises.


Funny Quotes To Live By – SERIAL 4

Imagine if what would happen if you have to eat only sweet things for a week, obviously you will have a great urge to eat some spicy. This also implies to the ways you live your life. What would happen if there is no fun and laughter in life? We all know the importance of laughter in our life. Laughter makes us live more healthier and cheerful life. Make your life awesome by adding fun and humor to it. Go out and have some fun with your friends and family at weekends. You can also read some funny quotes to live by. They do not consume your lot of time and money. These are readily available online. It has some very funny quotations which are full of fun and laughter. You will not be able to stop yourself from laughing while reading these funny quotes.  This websites has includes some good funny quotes which are very relevant with real life being so cheesy. They add some spice to your boring life and make it very interesting.

These quotes are full of wisdom and knowledge. You can have a wholesome entertainment with knowledge. These funny quotes have some motivational ideas behind them which inspires you keep on smiling in ups and down of your life. This is what we call good sense of humor. Good sense of humor means the art of life which teaches you to face all the difficulties and problems in your life with a smile on your face. Sometimes, Funny quotes have the irony of life which is very true in real life. These funny quotes fit in all the modes of life. They teach you the ways to live life to the fullest.

In this competitive world you have to be serious about your work. You have to prove this world that you are also capable to mark your position. But at times do you feel bored doing your routine work? Yes you might be, because most of the people do not enjoy their work. So what you do when you need a change from your hectic schedule? Do you often go out for fun like movie, restaurant for lunch or dinner or some amusement parks? Yes I am sure you might be moving out for a disco or for movie with your friends. At times when you are busier with your tight schedule then what you do? What do you do for having fun and pleasure? Ok I will tell you some easy and nice idea by doing that you will have fun and thus your time will be saved. Reading funny quotes to live by has a great advantage as you don’t have to make extra effort for fun and enjoyment. Just hold back on your seat and search online our website. You will get entertained right at your office or your home. When life is good you may never know what is going to happen next in our life.

Quotes To Live By – SERIAL 14

“Quotes to live” is a wonderful collection of sayings of great men about life. We all often hear them in our daily lives but we all have a bad habit to forget them. We just post them on our wall and send them to our friends and relatives in form of messages. We remember these thought for an hour may be as long as for a day. We forget these wise words when we are in some problem. We make wrong choices and thus we fail. Our actions are determined by our thoughts. When our actions lack some positive thought behind it we fail.

These life quotes are true and match with the reality of life. So you must read them in quotes to live by. You must ignore the importance of quotations. Change your thoughts while reading quotes to live by.

You can take your eyes off once you have started reading quotes to live by. You cannot change your life until you make a try. You will never get a job until you must go out to find it. Sitting back at home and complaining about the unemployment will suck your life. Life sucks you if you allow it to do so.

Begin a new life read something innovative and life giving ideas. You can get it from quotes to live by.

You can find easily quotes to live by online over internet. You do not have to spend more time in searching good quotes. Just visit quotes to live by and get good quotes.

“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.”- Barbara de Angel


Quotes to live by have amazing quotations which will make your mental status very strong.

Quotes To Live By – SERIAL 13

Life is a present gifted to us by almighty God that all we must respect it. Life is precious so treasure it. Quotes help us to understand what life is. Below is a quote:

“A day is Eternity’s seed, and we are its Gardeners.  ~Erika Harris”

This quote tells you that today is a seed that he has to sow and we all are gardeners of our life.  We are the one who shape our life with our own hands.

We can never learn the lesson of life from books. The practical life teaches us the best. It tells us that people may be wrong or right according to the situation. When you feel low and upset read Quotes to live by.

You can get some intrinsic motivation from the thoughts of great men. Great men saying are really worthy as they written them with their personal experience. They have faced those challenges in the past and overcome with great attitude. So, the quotes incorporated in quotes to live by are worthy to read. They boost your energy level. If you are full of energy, then you will work with great efficiency.

So we can say that intrinsic motivation helps you to improve your efficiency. It will bring a positive attitude in your thoughts. Thought determine the excellence of your life

A person with negative attitude always finds a difficulty in every opportunity while positive attitude turns every difficulty into an opportunity.

Quotes have very positive effect on our mind. So always read good quotes. Quotes help to find the solution for problems. So be optimistic with Quotes to live by.

Quotes To Live By – SERIAL 12

Internet is an interesting world of knowledge and ideas. Internet gives you many ideas to entertain yourself. Besides entertainment you can share your thoughts and ideas with your friends. When I feel upset I usually read Quotes to live by. Quotes to live by have some beautiful thoughts how to live life happily.  Whenever I read these quotes from quotes to live by I feel a new energy inside me.

I feel happy when I read the quotes. These quotes help me think the positive side of life. Now vision towards life has changed. You can also read these quotes about life.

If you are in stress read Quotes to live by. Wise word of quotes to live by tells that life is a way to find an answer for our existence.

We should not worry about our future because it is not in our hands.  Happiness is more important than smiling because it comes from the heart. Step forward otherwise you will remain in the same place. So, it is necessary to move out to achieve the goal.  If you need motivation then read inspirational quotes. You can get lot of ideas from these quotes.  Motivation can be of two types’ intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation. When you are motivated internally you work with free mind. External motivation is like rewarding someone for their efforts. Sometimes extrinsic motivation is harmful. Intrinsic motivation comes from inner self. You can get intrinsic motivation from quotes to live by.

“Quotes to live by” is a better way to get an idea about the different aspects about life.

Quotes To Live By – SERIAL 11

As the potter moulds the clay to make a pot, same way we shape our life with our actions. We fail when our actions are deprived of good thoughts. We can make our life a glorious structure by adding art of humor to it. Sense of humor can make our life very interesting. You can make others laugh with your sense of humor. Humor creates happiness around you. You can make others laugh in their hard times.

In this merciless world a smile can create connection with someone whom you even do not know. If as mile can do that than what are the results of making them laugh together.

Laughter brings people together. It helps to connect socially. People often join laughter clubs so that they can release their stress. But these kinds of clubs consume lot of time. You have to take out spare time from your busy schedule to attend these clubs. Is there any better idea to release stress? You can read some funny quotes about life easily available on internet. You don’t have to go out regularly out of your house. Just log on to internet and you can find quotes to live by. There you can find many reasons to laugh.  You can simply find the ways to live life while having fun.

Quotes to live by tell you how you can live life by laughing over your problems. To find Quotes to live by is very easy.

It has a large collection of wise words and funny quotes. These funny quotes will make you laugh and initiates you for doing your work with new energy.