I always believe in myself and do thing in right way with a sports spirit. Just like in a game some loose and some win, I also believe that winning is not my aim; the aim is to find the ways by which we can fail. It is more important to find faults in our failure rather than crying over it.
“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” -Henry C. Link

The above thought explains that we must never waste our time in thinking about others, do you work even if you fail.

Learning from mistakes and laughing over it is a great deal which we all must learn. I always laugh over my mistake and take care of not repeating them again. This makes life easy. This is called as the sense of humor. Humor is when someone makes fun of himself or laugh over his mistakes. This way a person can make others happy as well. We all are not born or blessed with this wonderful gift by God. Some are blessed with good sense of humor and they make the environment healthy around them. Their personal life also moves in a smooth way as they avoid small problems in their family. Doing such things make their relationship very strong and long lasting. If you are not the one who is blessed with good sense of humor then you can develop it.
I will tell you my personal experience, from where I developed my sense of humor. I found a website quotes to live by while net surfing. Net surfing is my hobby as well as my work. So I found quotes to live by when I was wandering here and there while net surfing. Develop your sense of humor now from quotes to live by.