Personality is a grace that lends itself to one possessed of self-confidence. What is self–confidence? It is a state of mind entirely sure of its own thoughts and actions whether right or wrong. Believe in yourself and in this belief you will grow more and more confident in yourself. Surely invokes the approval of others, the needed encouragement to greater confidence. The most effective and beneficial influence towards this end is the understanding gained by experience of life so that you can see life in its true proportion  and realize that it is not enough to be fine. One must be fitting and know that he is alone is the fittest to who takes the least cognizance of what other’s opinion of him. It is the fear of opinion of other person that binds and imprisons one, while it is fearlessness of that opinion that gives one his freedom the single mindedness which is his power. If we desire that our life should make a fascinating appeal and be full of charm, we must have personality because where one does not charm one is not charmed in return. It is not a thing reserved for the gifted. It can be had by anyone from quotes to live by who wills to have it but will must be strong enough to endure the most discouraging experience for nothing that is worth having can be gained with ease and of all the goals in life. Personality is the most difficult to gain, precisely as it is the greatest prize to win but you can add to your personality by quotes to live by.

We have heard that sense of humor can add to your personality which is not present in all. One can gain or cultivate sense of humor by reading humor quotes on quotes to live by.