Do you know why people fail in life? What are the reasons behind their failure?
Don’t get upset if the world refuses to accept you. Just remember the quote given by Einstein:

“I’m thankful to those who said NO,

because of them I did it MYSELF.”
This really a very good quote which I came across few days back in really good quotes to live by.
One should not get upset; just think about why they failed. They failed because they do not have the desire to win. They lack the discipline in life. They do not have the motivational support behind them. Also they do not have dedication for their work. So, all these things are essential in life. See there is no such secret behind the success. There are lots of factors affecting it These principles apply to all whether the person is male or female, poor or rich, Educated or uneducated.
One the person is successful he must acknowledge the people who helped them in their victory. They must have played a diligent effort in the accomplishment of the task. You must always gratitude to those people who contributed in performing the task successfully.
Sometime in our life we put off our hands. This not a good job, but we are helpless. But later you have regrets for what you have done in life. Never give up in life because that develops a negative approach.
Complete your task on time because you feel comfort. It generates a new energy inside you. If you do not complete a task then it gives you a negative feeling. It is just like a tank with so many leakage points from a tank full of water. Make your habit of doing work now not later. Live in present do not rely on future. Live in today and complete your work on time. Tomorrow never comes. You will cultivate and sustain a positive attitude in life.
We need good food for our body every day to stay fit and healthy. In similar way every day new thoughts are required by our mind needs. Just like axe is sharpened before cutting trees we need to sharpen our mind. How often you do it with your mind? I know that we do not do this action in continuity. But we need it in our daily life.
What if we eat only junk food, obviously our body will not remain fit and healthy, we may fall sick. Therefore we must eat good foods. What about bad thoughts? If we read some bad thoughts it our mind will become sick. We must supply a good thought to our mind so that it can work well and stay fit.
“A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind.”-Thomas Jefferson
To achieve success we must practice constantly reading really good quotes to live by.