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Hello friends! Are you in search of some beautiful thoughts to make your life better and spicy? You must read quotes to live by to find the way to make your life happier and glorious. These can cause in a Extrinsic Motivation For you also .

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The glory of life is to live it to the fullest. Reading quotes makes you fit and healthy both physically as well as mentally. Are you feeling depressed by your work? If your work does not make you happy then it’s better to change the way you look at your work.  If you need some fun in your life then don’t go outside for fun. You can entertain yourself by reading some funny jokes which you can find on quotes to live by.”Quotes to live by” is a website which has qualitative material to study.

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All types of quotes are available on this website. Quotes to live by have incorporated the work saying of great men. When you will read these quotes then you will the flow of energy inside you. By these thoughts you can set your mind about the ups and downs in your life.

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One of most important thing why you must read quotes to live by is nice humor. By reading funny quotes you will feel good. These funny quotes explain the irony of life in very simple and beautiful words. Sense of humor is not common in common people. Sense of humor is the common sense dancing around. You must know the importance of humor in life. Humor can connect you to the society in very special way.

quotes to live by

Other than the funny quotes you can read some great quotes which tell you the reality of life. We all need someone who can motivate us. This website has included the saying and thoughts of great personalities and philosophers who faced many challenges in their lives. From their personal experiences they wrote all these quotes. Quotes to live by have a vast collection of the literary work of these philosophers.


A wonderful thing can come out from a problem. Just keep you focus on positive side of life and laugh over the negative side.

You learn the ways to make the world a better place for you by reading quotes to live by.  The main motto of quotes to live by is to inspire people with the experiences of famous personalities.  These quotes show how these men lived their live and fought their battle of life. What did they felt when they achieved victory.

Quotes boost up your energy level. They also have the great impact on our lives. So we must read some nice thoughts. Quotes to live by are a good option for quality quotes.

Great men have done their work left this world. We have their wise words which are still with us. They are filled with wisdom. We must respect the wise words of those great men and follow them in our life.  There is a lot which we can learn from their magical words. They also followed these saying while they were struggling. This wise word enhances your wisdom by making you wise.  A wise man knows the importance of the sayings of great men and they try to follow their imprints. They walk on the imprints of great leaders to become successful and create a new history.

If you need a good collection of such good words then you must click on our website quotes to live by. Here you will find all types of quotes. These quotes have a high motivational value.

All other websites do not have such a vast collection of thoughts as quotes to live by have.

We have brought these quotes together in form of a website named quotes to live by. The quotes includes in quotes to live by have extraordinary impact on our lives. They fit with each and every situation of our life.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The above quotes tell you that life is an experiment and you always learn new things. Every day is new day for us. Quotes to live by have many such other quotes. The collection of quotes is very large and unique. If you wish to read good quotes to make your life better than you must read quotes to live by.

We can gain wisdom by reading these quotes. We must recognize ourselves. If we fail to recognize our self we will never come to know the meaning of our life. We will never be able to express others what we are and we want to be.

For making life worthy we must have some principles in our life. All the successful people certainly had some principles in their life which gave them wisdom to achieve success. Living life must not be your aim of life. The purpose of life must be live life with fun and adventure. So, every time you learn something real and unique. You can be unique by having unique ideas in your mind. You can get these ideas when you will read quotes to live by.

Do you have any favorite quote? You do not have any favorite quotation?  Then you must be having an ideal in your mind whose principles you follow. If you don’t have an ideal in your life then you must be having some principles which you follow? Don’t you think you must have a principle to give meaning to your life? If you do not have then you must search it. You can get some quotes which may change your life in quotes to live by. You will certainly feel good while reading quotes to live by. Quotes to live by have included quotes of great men and philosopher which lived their life with excellence. They taught a lesson to rest of the world by their actions.

Quotes to live by have the positive influence on the mind. They motivate you internally. You enjoy while working and you rejoice.