Every limitation of our life is set by us only. So before setting your limits you must throughout the negative beliefs from your mind.  You might have learned some belief from your society, parents or from your friends about life. Do not leave all the things on destiny. Eliminate all the negative beliefs if you have. Your future is in your hands so try to shape it well.

We can have control our life and be happy if you make correct decision. You can also live your dreams like all other people around you. You can create a happy life for you.

Face all the obstacles with a positive attitude. It is better to face a challenge than those who never faced them. They give you a new experience.

Few days back I came across a quote cited by Tony Robbins,” life is a gift, and it offers us the privilege, opportunity, responsibility to give something back by becoming more.”

This small statement assimilates the entire philosophy of life. This mall quote can become a source of inspiration and purpose of your life. It acts as the guiding light which shows us the right direction to achieve our aim. Life is a gift given by God.  We must create a talent inside us to appreciate this gift.  If we attain that talent in our life, we will live our life like dreams. We must accept all the challenges and changes happily. We must have no regrets regarding our life. Proud on the things which you have.

Life offers us the honor to take responsibility and opportunity to serve the society. So accept all the changes no matter how they will bring a change in your life. It is always better have something rather than nothing. The above quote is world of wisdom. When we give more to this world we back more than that.

Giving could be anything like an advice, moral support, love and help. A good word costs nothing. But it can create a huge difference in thinking level. You can get strength from positive quotes to live by. Start your day reading positive thoughts so that the whole day you bear the same attitude.

Quotes are the milestones set by some great person who lived in past.

Every successful story has a big failure story behind it. Read those stories and you will come to know about the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. People never see the failures of successful men. They have the interest in knowing the secret of success.

If you want to succeed double your failure rate”-Tom Watson

Man is the only creature on this earth which is blessed with many types of equipment. He is not like other creature that can fly, swim; but he has the potential to think and create what he does not have. Thinking ability of human being is the greatest gift which nature has given us. Improve your ability to create your own world of dreams.