Man becomes wise when, reads the history of some great men. By reading history we come to know about the challenges and solutions they faced in the past. We come to know how they overcome from those challenges. What was their source of motivation?  Everything about them; which played a vital role in creating their history.

Reading is not appreciated by those who are cunning. It is admired by simple people who love reading books. Only wise men make proper use of their studies.  Books do not teach people how to use knowledge gained from them. It comes from wisdom based on experience and observations of life.

Crafty men condemn studies; simple men admire them; wise men use them.”-Bacon

We can develop wit and an oratory power by reading quotes. They also help in the development of mind.  The natural ability of an individual are helped to a great extent by reading quotes thoroughly. Our natural abilities are like natural plants which need to nurture in natural way. Wisdom makes a man complete. He well versed while participating in a conversation. They mould your thinking about life and also the way of life.

The quote included are on variety of subjects. The range is wide. They make you confident while sharing the sweetness inside them. They encompass various aspects of life- social, cultural political moral, philosophical, literary, funny and critical. There are intended to inculcate in young minus the importance of those values of life which no law can enforce but which are necessary for smooth running of society.  The only advice one can give to there is to take no advice from others. One must one’s own reason and come to one’s conclusions. One must be independent to make his own decisions in life. There is no such definite rule for reading quotes. If one follows the judgment and suggestions of other in life, one destroys the spirit of freedom. To enjoy freedom, one must control oneself.

What is essential in a work of art is that it should rise far above the realm of personal life and speak to the spirit and heart of the poet as man to the spirit and heart of mankind.”-Carl Gusta


There are only few people who can take maximum pleasure from reading quotes from personal quotes to live by. Do not read quotes with prior convictions and notions, in this sate you will not be able to get the fullest possible value from quotes. You can understand then, when you have an open mind while reading.  We get minute details about different aspects of life from reading lives of men and words of wisdom. The windows of past are opened in front of us. We become familiar with the habits, and the secrets of great men. Sometime we may pull out a quote or citation that they have written which interpret the whole life of the author. We read personal quotes to live by to refresh and exercise our own creative powers.