Friends do you know the importance of motivation in life? Why do we need it and when? In this article I am going to tell you the importance of motivation in life. Motivation is of two types one is intrinsic motivation and other is extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation is better than the extrinsic motivation. When we motivate someone from deep inside then it is referred to as intrinsic motivation. An individual feels it from inside and his approach to life becomes positive.

A person motivated from internally will do his work with great pleasure. When we complete our task thereby enjoying it gives us a complete satisfaction. We fee happy and fully satisfied with our task. We also enjoy while working. This is because we are not doing our task with efforts for any reward; we are working for our internal satisfaction.

If the person is intrinsically motivated he will find the solution of his problem by himself because it will give a pleasure. The efficiency of motivated person increases as he not finding the solution for a prize or rewards.

I am not saying that the person must not seek any reward. He will get when he will complete his task with perfection. He will be appreciated and may be promoted. This is a reward for him.

I have seen in many schools that students are motivated to complete their projects and assignments on time for good grades. They will complete their task due to the pressure but they do not complete their project with full interest.

They will complete their projects even they do not understand what they are doing. They can copy projects and assignments from their friends. They will not be able to get good grades because they did not put their efforts. So, intrinsic motivation is important to motivate the students.

Students have lot of pressure of studies due to increasing competitions all over the world. So they need intrinsic motivation in life to do their task with efficiency and pleasure.


Motivate students internally giving them good grades is not enough for them. You will see a remarkable achievement when the students are motivated in classrooms. So we can say that intrinsic Motivation can make a better future of students. Schools must organize activities so that student learns something new by enjoying it. If the student is motivated in classroom then he will enjoy his studies and the result will be good. Researchers and psychologists also believe that intrinsic motivation is better than the extrinsic motivation. When the students study for exams they are doing that to get good marks. This is an example of extrinsic motivation. Whatever they learn for their exams they forget after sometime. They do not retain their knowledge for long time. A student, who is intrinsically motivated, will retain the knowledge for long time. Motivated student will perform well in all his activities because he enjoys doing that every time.