intrinsic motivation
We all are human beings and sometime we all face a hard time in our life.  Life is a struggle and every day of life is different from the other.  Life has various aspects which we cannot see. Sometimes it makes us happy and sometimes it makes us cry. It is not necessary that if the person is adult he will face problem and a five year child does not face any kind of problem in life. We all face problems even a five year baby has its own problem.

Student life is full of energy. They in fact learn most of the lessons regarding life, moral values and lots of technical studies. Life of student is also very challenging now a days. There is a lot of competition among students for good grades and marks Students also face problems when they do not get good grades or marks in their examination. They feel miserable when they fail in must be he exams. At that time motivation is needed to make them free of stress.

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Intrinsic VS Extrinsic Motivation

They should be motivated internally, that means the motivation must come from within the students. They should not be motivated to study well by giving them extrinsic motivation. Extrinsic motivation is rewarding the students by giving good grades or some prize money. If student study well due to extrinsic motivation this may be dangerous. They can become addict of doing thins just to get rewards. Their capability decreases and they becomes greedy.

So, we must lay importance on intrinsic motivation than the extrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation motivates children from inside; it is the driven force which pushes an individual to work with pleasure. When the person is motivated internally then he works with a happy mind.

When we give a reward to the students he gets motivated but the force acting on his mind is external. His inner sense is not happy but he is doing so get a reward against his studies. This is not at all good for his future. Not motivate students by giving them good grades or marks or some rewards.