Life is full of sorrows and happiness. Just like a dice it has so many faces. We see the life in the same way, as we the facing side of the dice. Sometimes in life we take some wrong decisions and the result is failure. We fell depressed and think that now everything has ended   in your life. At this moment we need some motivation in our life restart our life. Every end has a new beginning. So we must seek out for motivation when we are motivated we have the desire to live life once again with full energy. Intrinsic motivation gives you a positive energy to do your task with efficiency and with positive thinking. A positive thought can change your attitude towards life. Reading something motivational can be helpful. You can read some stories of great men or their motivational thoughts. They are the source of intrinsic motivation.

Just ask them to read some good books which can motivate them. The books having value education will definitely help them to get motivated. Education must enhance your knowledge and knowledge does not come by just reading books. They should be read properly. But the right use of the teachings is when we implement those things in our daily life.

Intrinsic motivation gives you a positive attitude by which your thoughts and way of seeing the life will change. You have seen that intrinsic motivation can make you win a losing game. Intrinsic Motivation gives you a power. You can read some motivational quotes so that you get motivational support. Listening good and motivational music will be delightful. Motivational stories of great men show you the right path so that you can find your own way. These stories reveal the ideas and solutions which great men followed in their life time.

It is very difficult to generate intrinsic motivation. Once it is created then it gives you satisfaction in your work. You will feel pleasure doing your work. Some people say intrinsic motivation does not exist in this materialistic world. But this is not true as I feel it when I read some motivational stories and quotations.