Do you know the difference between inspiration and motivation? I know you do not know the difference between them. A person came and asked me that can I motivate someone else. I said no to him. He asked why he cannot do that then I replied that you can inspire him to get motivated. We can only create an environment so that the person gets motivated. Motivation is a driven force inside us which helps us to reach our goals.

First thing we have to do to inspire them is know about their needs. When we are aware about their need we can inspire them to motivate themselves.

A person who work well enough, so that he may not be fired out cannot give better results. But a person who works for his happiness will give you increase in the productivity. So there is a direct connection between motivation and productivity of a person. Motivated person is more beneficial for an organization. Inspiration brings a change in thinking while motivation is related to a change in your action.

We all love to live a successful life but conditions do not allow us. They lead us to the path of failure. So we need some motivation so that we are not misguided by the condition in our life.



Motivation is like the food we eat. In order to be alive we need food in the same way to keep up the high flames of motivation. We must have some motivational ideas in our mind to get success. You must be thinking that from where you can get motivation. What is the source of motivation in our life? Is money the greatest motivator? Good relations, love or something else. People who have lot of money are not happy from inside.

Knowing is not enough; we must apply.
Willing is not enough; we must do
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

We must read motivational things like the above quote. The quote specify that we should implement our learning in life rather than just knowing them You must have a motivational quotation in your mind so that it works as the fuel. You can pick any one quotation daily from favorite quotes to live by. You can make that motivational quote your favorite one. Do you have any favorite quote which motivates you in life? Not yet then log on to favorite quotes to live by today. This site has some very sound quotes which lets us move in right direction. Quotes have a sound impact on one’s mind. We have a vast collection of thought. Reading thought can be a good source of inspiration along with motivation. They are also the source of recreation when you feel bored in life.

“Favorite quotes to live by is” my choice and what is yours? Here is one my favorite quote, which shows me the right path.

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret to outward success.”-Henry Ward Beecher