When we face a crisis in our life and we are going through a difficult time you need motivation so that you release your stress.

If motivation comes from outside factors which influence our progress is called as extrinsic motivation. People do their work because they know that at the end of their task they will get a reward. They complete their task without enjoying their work. Extrinsic motivation is like an external force which pushes you to perform well in life.
Extrinsic Motivation Definition

Intrinsic Extrinsic Motivation

Remember the time of your college life. This is the time when we do not want to study. We want to enjoy our life but instead of enjoying we study for getting good grades. Hoping to get good grades is external motivation. We worked hard for grades not for our enjoyment. Students often participate in various games and activities because they get some reward and cash prize when they win.

Similarly when you are on your job you work more for some bonus or good increments. This is an example of extrinsic motivation. You work well even you are fed up with doing same task again and again. But you do the same task over for years because you need you pay.

People often think that there no extrinsic motivation and it has no power. But it is not true. It is very powerful as it can change your attitude towards your goal in life. The most difficult things can become easy when you know that there is a reward at the end of that difficulty.

You will face many problems with extrinsic motivation.

  • It might happen that you fail to concentrate on your goal.
  • You care for the reward and do not pay attention on the excellence of the work. You complete your task but it is not up to the given standards.
  • You might be unwilling if you do not get any reward.


Many companies try to motivate their employees by giving those rewards for their work. In this way their efficiency increases