Extrinsic motivation
If you ask me that which motivation is better between the two: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation? According to me intrinsic motivation is better than the extrinsic motivation . But intrinsic motivation is not easy to create. In case of extrinsic motivation is easy to create.
You need the support of extrinsic motivation when you have the same tiresome and boring work daily. Your work is not at all interesting and it does not excite you.
How will you motivate yourself for doing the same work again and again? Probably you will think about the future where you will get some reward or appreciation on completion of your task. You must concentrate on your goal rather on the procedure. You will be able to finish your task very soon and with excellence and perfection.
Complete your work in such a way that people acknowledge you for your work. Hence you get a feeling of satisfaction.
You feel better when people appreciate you and acknowledge you for your job. You must focus on you goal and think positive. Positive thinking can make you task easy and interesting.
Extrinsic motivation not only includes rewards or cash prize it includes praise, acknowledgement, certificates, a treat or more. It is very important that students in school are motivated properly for their mental growth. This way the child will learn more and improve in their studies. External motivation increases productivity and ability to complete all the work on time. A teacher must reward student if they perform well in the classroom. They can give students some extra points for their assignments and motivate them for doing that every time in class. Teacher should give some grades on the basis of good behavior of the student in classroom. This way the student will feel motivated and will enjoy doing all the activities with responsibility.