Aristotle said,”The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.”  We all imagine about one day which will have no worries and pain in life. We often think about that day. But that day never comes in our life. We don’t feel justified with our problems. We always say “why me?” we never say problems “try me.” We always curse our destiny and feel remorse.

I think most of the people have asked this question in their life many times. Have you got your answer? No, then I will give you the answer for your question. You get what you can handle best. If god is not answering to your questions and prayers, He is polishing you against the hard rock of life.  We must have faith in almighty God.
People waste their time in complaining about minor problems of stupid relations and hasty things in life. They do not understand that life is too short and we must enjoy every bit of it.

Your search will never end, if you are searching for a complete happy life. Pain is a part of happy life, which you will come to know when you will get out of stormy winds of life. You must learn to get out the sordid realities of life. You will come to know more about life when you come across some nice words.

Wise quotes encourages you learn the ways to handle the situation of life during the time of remorse. Apart from that they also give you knowledge.

If you are hungry for fun and knowledge than you must visit wise quotes to live by. You will come to know more about life and they make you stronger. We cannot accept what is going in our life, so we need to boost our mental ability to approach life.

“You need to appreciate what you got before you can focus on getting more.” It means you must concentrate on what you have rather than complaining what you do not have. Appreciate the things which you have, if you do not like it then you must change to have more in life. You are not a tree, just move ahead to find your own way. Grab your opportunity to learn something new.

Knowledge is so vast that one’s life is not enough for it. Even if one gets many lives one can know very little about the sordid realities of life. It so refreshing that the more one knows, the more one wants to know.

Experience is an arch which gleams that travelled. All the great men have contributed to the society with their personal experiences. They taught us a lesson, how to handle difficulties that we are facing. We have brought together the experience of some great personalities in our website in form of quotes. Quotations are wisdom packed in few words. This is the quality of quotes which I like most and read them very often.