Only a life lived for others, is a life worthwhile.” -Albert Einstein
short quotes to live by


What does above quote tell you about life? It tells that living your life for other makes your life meaningful. These words are full of wisdom. Read them from short life quotes to live by and give a meaning to your life.  You must be thinking how? Here I am going to tell the connection between quote and your life. They have a great impact on our mind and bless us with wisdom. Hence we increase the capability of making correct decisions in life.


The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.”
-Ben Stein



Our most of the choices depend upon our desire, comfort, our feelings and pleasure. So we face a lot of pressure while making decisions `we must make decisions with cool mind. “Cheerfulness flows from goodness.” These words tell us how important it is to smile. The key to have real smile is reading quote to live by. You must know that smile takes more muscles at work than frowning. So we must smile. Smile improves the quality of our face. Smile is the cheapest way to look young and beautiful. You know something it is easier to smile. So stop frowning and keep smiling all the time. When you smile the people around you will also smile at you. This just like Newton’s law “each and every action has equal and opposite reaction.”

Everybody likes a smiling face. A smiling face looks more expressive. There is no one in this world who wants be with a person who is grouch.

When you get up in the morning and see a smiling face in front of you, your mood is set for the rest of the day. You must do things which make you smile like reading good jokes or watching some good comedy shows will help to cultivate your sense of humor and you will always smile in happy or sad moments of your life. Reading some good wise words may prove to be great help.


Short life quotes to live by also cultivate a positive approach towards life. See when we don’t have sufficient thoughts or facts about something then we interpret it in a negative way. This is our nature. We assume by the actions of the others and do not think positive. Like if person is suffering from a lethal disease, he may think that he will die and the world is out for him. But if he will think positively then there is chance by which he can live happily. We must follow the method written in the following quote to make others happy.

“Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.”–Oscar Wilde



Always start your day with a positive shot quote about life so that you become capable and you can do what you want. This way you will build a pleasing personality. You relationships will become better.