In life we all face some sweet and bitter experiences. Each and every second of our life teaches us something new. Life involves many phases. Each phase of our life ends to give the way to another phase. Life begins after the death. It’s a never ending process. Initially we do not recognize it but at the end when we join all the dots, we come to know that one phase start with end of previous one. The things are visible very clearly.

Every relationship that we share on this earth has an expiry date. When it comes to an end we notice different signs, which points towards the end of a relationship. We may feel disappointed with a broken relationship but nothing in this world is inevitable. Although we are aware that everything on this earth has an expiry date then also we does not accept the endings. When we are in pain and stress due to our broken relationship then it is better to accept it ending. May be some people accept the endings earlier than the rest. When we find no way in life and we are in confusion then we move towards the experiences of other people.  We need some guidance to deal with the situation. Actually life is continuous process of learning. We learn all the time in life. At times we become the victim of life and sometimes the witness. It does not matter whether you are victim or witness. The only thing which matters is time, because situation may be taken out of your control. Time does not wait for anyone. You have to take a correct decision before time.

Don’t wait for any miracle to be happen. Life moves on continuously towards its destination, without waiting for results. It always gives you a new experience and learning about life. Live each day of your life as if it is the last day of your life. A day you will come in your life when you will be right. One day when you will make a correct choice in life. Do not lose patience and learn from Quotes to live your life by.

No one wants to die and yet death is the destination we all share.”

No one till now has escaped from this reality that we have to die one day. The best invention of life is death. Death is an agent of life. End of life for one is the beginning of a new life. You have the limited time on this earth to reach your destination using the path which you have to make. So you must not waste time in living life of someone else’s.

Remembering that I will die soon is the most remarkable tool I have encountered to help me make the right choices in life”-Steve Jobs

We must have a strong passion and determination in life. We must learn to make strategies to live life happily from Quotes to live your life by.