From my personal experiences I have realize that problems are the part of life. Problems make the life worth living. Problems make the person strong. Actually, when we do not know about anything about a task it seems too difficult. We name these difficulties as problem. Problem creates a challenge in front of us to solve it. By solving the problem these problems we learn something new. So, problem gives us an opportunity. We learn to do such things which we have never done before in our life.

You learn from your experiences and from your mistakes in the past. You all need to a motivation and positive mind to deal with the difficulty. Once you learn all your problems will be minimized. You need to have good sense of humor to laugh at your problems, whatever the situation is. They give you a chance to learn something new.  Just be cool in your times. Read some motivational things like quotes to live by. You will get some excellent quotes in quotes to live by different from others.

Reading is very good habit and I read quotes to live by. Quotes to live by tell me the way to be happy. It motivates me from internally.

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