Life is a present gifted to us by almighty God that all we must respect it. Life is precious so treasure it. Quotes help us to understand what life is. Below is a quote:

“A day is Eternity’s seed, and we are its Gardeners.  ~Erika Harris”

This quote tells you that today is a seed that he has to sow and we all are gardeners of our life.  We are the one who shape our life with our own hands.

We can never learn the lesson of life from books. The practical life teaches us the best. It tells us that people may be wrong or right according to the situation. When you feel low and upset read Quotes to live by.

You can get some intrinsic motivation from the thoughts of great men. Great men saying are really worthy as they written them with their personal experience. They have faced those challenges in the past and overcome with great attitude. So, the quotes incorporated in quotes to live by are worthy to read. They boost your energy level. If you are full of energy, then you will work with great efficiency.

So we can say that intrinsic motivation helps you to improve your efficiency. It will bring a positive attitude in your thoughts. Thought determine the excellence of your life

A person with negative attitude always finds a difficulty in every opportunity while positive attitude turns every difficulty into an opportunity.

Quotes have very positive effect on our mind. So always read good quotes. Quotes help to find the solution for problems. So be optimistic with Quotes to live by.