Life is a present given to us. Life is beautiful an yet life is not a bed of roses.” For some people, it is hard and merciless. People often saw complaining about the problems in life. Problems arise when they make wrong decisions in life. Due to ups and down in life many people feel life as punishment. They spend their entire life complaining about their life. They always seem to be frustrated from their life. We must learn the art of living. The art of living is to laugh not always complaining. You can learn this by reading Quotes to live by.

Quotes to live by have some good inspirational quotes. These quotes not only inspire, they help you to admire a change.  Try to find the better ways to lead your life. Click on quotes to live by. An idea can change your life.

Work is in our hand and results depend upon the efforts we made. Don dishearten when you fail.  Think about the wrong step or path which you selected and move ahead. Always try to laugh over your failures. Life is like a piano, having black and white keys. Black represents sorrow and white ones joy. But both are played together to give a beautiful music.

We must have heard that quotes have the power to raise a nation win the battle. So read quotes from Quotes to live by to win the battle. As I have said earlier that life is present, so respect this present gifted by God to us. Live for today and plan for tomorrow but party tonight.