Quotes to live by

quotes to live by

Many people around you are in deep trouble and pain. They all are running behind the success. In doing so, they do not have time to think about themselves. Sorrows pain accompany along with the joys. As we know happy day do not stay for long.
These twist and turns in life make you very strong. They must know the meaning of life, from quotes to live by .
But when you get a failure, you are in depression. You need someone who can motivate you and give you an emotional support. Motivation is of two types: intrinsic motivation and extrinsic motivation.

Motivating quotes to live by for you -

You must be thinking what kind of motivation are these? Let me explain, if I tell you that you will gain good bonus if you will do your project before the deadline given to you. I am sure you will do your work before time. This is called as extrinsic motivation. Like many companies give you good offer to buy their products.

They motivate you to buy their products and hence their sale increases. But when something motivates you from your inner spirit then it is called as intrinsic motivation. This can be done by rewarding appreciating the efforts of the people in their hard times.
One of the best ways is reading good quotes on life. Quotes to live by provide wise word on making life happier. Quotes have the power to dream big and make them true. You will feel a nice change in your thinking.
You can post good quotes from quotes to live by to your friends to motivate them. This way you can make others happy. You can also post them to your office and home. Quotes to live by can make you feel good and happy. You can share them with your friends.