“A sense of humor is a major defense against minor troubles.” - Mignon McLaughlin.

If you have a good sense of humor you have the power to turn your stress into fun. A good sense of humor is essential to maintain a good relationship. There are many misunderstandings which are created during our life time in our relations. We must overlook such petty things and try to resolve them by our sense of humor. Humor and wit are most powerful tools in life that gives you strength to laugh over your mistakes. You can take things easy with a lighthearted attitude. This way you can get rid of any controversy. You amuse over things which makes you annoy, if you have good sense of humor. You can avoid small problems of life because major problems have some great stories that have to be told.

Having fun must be our priority in life other than making money. Making money may give some pleasure but at the end of the day you will not satisfied with that.

It is also important for kids to have fun in life. Running outside and playing various games like building blocks, chess etc. make children creative. By playing games they relieve stress and have fun.

Adults need to pay attention with the increasing stress in their life. Because playtime is not only essential for children it is important for adults also. Fun plays a crucial role in our life. Adults need more fun in life because they bear the responsibility of career, family, and kids. There are many obligations regarding their life. Having fun in life is also our duty. Every one of us has a child within us. So we try to please that child and relieve stress by doing certain activities like playing golf, dancing, going out for movie etc.  Have fun in life to reduce stress. Reading Quotes to live by humor can be a fun in your life.

You will understand the things very easily if they are explained with humor. Only human beings have the capability to laugh and make others laugh as well. Humor gives us the capability to see the situation with anew angle. If we will lose our sense of humor then life would become unbearable. Sense of humor takes out the seriousness of our day to day life and you feel free.

We all are not blessed with a good sense of humor when we are born. By taking some steps it can be developed in our daily life.

You can also cultivate the sense of humor by doing some activities given below:

  • You must watch some comedy serials.
  • Try to be with humorous people around you
  • Be cheerful and play pranks on others
  • Read some humor quotes from quotes to live by humor. It has the vast collection of humorous jokes.

Reading humorous quotes is the easiest option for you. Add humor to life to make it more pleasant.