We have always heard that positive attitude the master key for success. But what are the features of a positive attitude and what is its significance. How can you determine that one has the positive attitude and is not over confident? Just like if a person is not ill you cannot say that he is healthy in the same way you cannot determine the positive attitude with the absence of negativity inside him. When you see a person humble, confident yet patient and polite then you can say that the person has a positive attitude. There have distinct features than others. They expect more from their life as well as others. They are not the seasonal fruits; they are the fruits available in all seasons. They can conclude the outcomes of life.

Are you familiar with the benefits of a positive attitude? There are many benefits for having a positive attitude. You will give your best in each and every field of your life. You will be able to solve your problems, because you think positive. it helps to reduce stress and improves the quality of the people.

It can make your relationship better with everyone around you. You become a pleasing personality.

Negative attitude have so many bad effects on your personality. It creates obstacles, and is responsible for broken relationships. The life becomes miserable. It increases stress on your mind, body and on your soul.ift also causes bad effects on the health of the individual. People with negative attitude will always criticize on tiny things. They will always be on the other side of yours. They can never be happy and if they pretend to be happy they lie in that case.

So leave the negative attitude and think positive. Always think of the things which god has blessed us,. Do not complain what you are not blessed with. Stop focusing on thing which you do not have. Love and appreciate what god has given to us.

We must read some moral boosting things in life. We must lay emphasis on value education. An education without the involvement of heart and mind is lame.

“Universities are turning into barbarians because we do not provide a framework of values to young people, who more and more are searching for it.”- Steven Muller, President, Johns Hopkins University

Education is meant for complete knowledge and wisdom. We must not run after the grades. If want to simplify the facts of our life we can do that if we have wisdom and knowledge. Having degree and good grades does not mean that the person has more knowledge. Wisdom comes from knowledge. We should lay stress on wisdom rather than technicalities.

You can build a positive attitude when you will come across powerful quotes to live by. They are the source of great values. They are the principles which motivate you to have a positive attitude towards life. Gain more values and wisdom from powerful quotes to live by.