The most harmful statement of one’s life is,” it is my life; I will do what I want.” This statement creates more damage. People ignore their self esteem and derive their own meaning regarding to life. They take out the meanings of life which are convenient for them. They do such irrelevant things which may cause harm to others. These kinds of people forget that they do not live in isolation. We all live together in this beautiful world. Whatever we do it affects all. We must behave properly with each other. We all share our mother earth equally and we going to share the same destination at the end of this life. So we must care and respect each other.

In this world we find two kinds of people: givers and takers. The people who really eat well are kept in takers category. The people who sleep well are said to be the givers. The self esteem of givers is very high. They also have a positive attitude in life. They believe in themselves. They also serve the society.

When we have a pressure building in our mind it shows that we are lacking self-esteem.

What do you mean by self-esteem? Self-esteem helps to know yourself within your heart. It means knowing about yourself, what you are and what you wish to be.

Relate yourself with the people who succeeded in life not with the complainers who failed. Because you will become what you relate for. When a person becomes successful rest of people will try to persuade him. You must not pay attention towards them. By ignoring this time you win. You must not drop your level in fighting with them. Petty people want you come down at their level which you must avoid.  You must always remember that a person is not judged by the company he have but by the company that he avoids.

Start your day with some positive thought in mind. You can listen or read something positive full of energy. Meaningful quotes to live by is extremely good idea to start your day. They set a tone for rest of the day. We feel relaxed if we have a proper start in the morning. Quotes make a right frame of mind. We can change every day of our life in a positive day.

Make a habit of reading positive thoughts for a change in life. Your efforts will definitely be visible from your behavior.

If you are going to change your life, you need to start immediately and do it flamboyantly.” William James

Success is the result of correct choice and positive attitude. It is not like an accident which you met. The person who relies on fate will never get success.

Don’t be taker try to be giver. Because as sound sleep is necessary for the peace of mind. Reading Meaningful quotes to live by are a good start of the day. They make your self-esteem high.