Our actions are decided by our thoughts. We always keep on planning for the future. Future is not in our hands and it will bring worries. So leave the planning for future just live for today. Present has so many problems which are enough to spend the whole day solving it. We can get the ideas from the past that we have lived. So stop worrying for tomorrow and live in present. Present is a beautiful and you can make it more beautiful by having fun all the time.  We can live our life with excellence by adding humor to it. Humor can change your life. Be happy and make others happy by creating humor around you. Humor and laughter removes all the stress from your life. You can add humor to your life by reading some funny quotes from quote to live by. “ Life Quotes to live by ” not only makes you laugh but shows the truth of life in easy manner. These quotes explain the meaning of true life. They make you smile. Smiling is very good for your health because smile makes more muscles work than frowning.

Laughing is the best exercise that you must practice regularly in order to be healthy.  You can make other laugh by sending one or two quotes daily to your friends. Quotes to live by have some inspirational thought also. These thoughts inspire you.

Thought have the reality of life incorporated in few words. These words are very powerful.

All great men know the power of these words. So we are providing you the easy way to get the wise words easily.