Life is a glorious structure that we build up with our own hands. God has gifted us with a beautiful life. Each day we decide how we are going to spend our next hour, next day and rest of our life. We all do this thing by our will-power. Will-power can make our dreams possible. We live every day and we also die everyday a little. In other word happiness and grief are moving parallel to each other. We live everyday when we are happy and we die every day when we are sad.

Every man walks having a dream in their eye but some dreams often cause tear in your eyes. At that moment you feel disheartened. Don’t lose your patience. Life is not just for winning the every game of your life. Life is to live. Try to find the ways which can make you feel motivated. Like you can read Quotes to live by which has many beautiful quotes and wise words about life. They will make will- power very strong by motivating your senses. Quotes to live by have large collection of quotes telling the way to live life. You know that quote have the power to win a losing game. Quotes to live by have so many unique saying of great men who have experienced the same situation in their lives. You can quote someone if you have the power in your words.

Don’t forget he who learns the art of living is a great man. So, read Quotes to live by whenever you are depressed and you need help .