Many times in life we are being pulled up in many different directions. We keep on worrying about how people think about us. But we should stop thinking for an hour and a half. We should let our self what we are. I want to know the reason of happening in our life. Sometimes we feel betrayed and alone in this big world. We feel that we have no significance in life, we are undesirable. When you have such incredible feeling in your mind what you do? Where do you search for your answers? Do you cry when you feel alone?

I also cry when I feel alone and depressed. But I am very lucky for I have found a solution. I have learned a lot from my past experience that we must go on whatever the time is. I saw a website on internet while surfing great quotes to live by where I learned that we must think for our self first and thin about rest of the world.  These great quotes constantly remind me that my life is beautiful and I have an art to make it more beautiful. What I need is love and motivation, which I get by reading quotes online.

I learned that instead of feeling guilty and being sad, we must thank God for what we have. We must feel our self the luckiest person in the world. We must thank God for blessing us to see the beauty of the world. We don’t need an explanation while seeing the beauty of this world. We don’t need the help of science for every explanation. Experience the beautiful things which God created for us by His art. We must also create some beautiful things from the art which we have within us. God can do that because god believes in you and he want to see you creating wonderful things which does not exist in this world.
I would like to live my life in such a way that I am able to spread love and peace all around the world.

God loves us unconditionally. And same is with our family and friends. That is why we must love our life unconditionally and make efforts to make it better. When I spread love I create a new stage for myself where I have chance to play the role of a hero. This way I share god with the rest of the world and I enjoy doing that.  By doing so, I can make others happy.

I am not asking you to believe what I speak.  My motto is that you should make your life happier. You can also find some interesting great quote which may influence you a lot. Quotes give us knowledge to understand the human inside us. When we know about ourselves we are more comfortable in handling all types of worse situations with a calm mind. They show you the right path because quotes are the sayings of some great people who already faced the pain of life.