One of the most powerful tools to be healthy is laughter. Laughter can refresh your mind. It helps to improve your emotional state. We all are blessed with a sense of humor. This sense of humor helps us to stagger in an unfamiliar situation of life.

Medical science has proven that humor, works against the bad effects caused by stress on our body. Stress has bad effects on the immune system of our body. So must arouse a sense of humor inside us to ease out from stressful life.

Another thing which plays an important role is inspiration. Inspiration or motivation is the power which forces you to achieve your goal with a positive attitude. Both humor and motivation are essential for a successful life. If you are motivated internally from your heart then you will do your best. You will enjoy doing your work and the result would definitely be better than before.

So, we can conclude that humor and inspiration together has the power to change one’s life. We can find them together in funny life quotes to live by. These funny quotes inspire you in a humorous manner. You can get fun and inspiration in a single time.

Most of people believe that we can’t get fun and inspiration together. But we can have fun and inspiration together while reading these quotes.

Life becomes easy when it is presented in wittiest manner. Learning life becomes easy with humor and fun. There are lots of people who are worried about their past and future. They don’t live their present fully. They forget that they must enjoy the present moment of life. We must know that whatever happened with us in past cannot be changed and we cannot predict our future. Past is a history and future is a mystery. So, we must leave all the worries of our past and future and concentrate on our present.

How many of you stop and enjoy yourself? How many of you listen to the chirruping sound of birds and enjoy listening it. We enjoy paying bills of the restaurant and enjoy dinner. We enjoy watching TV which tells the forecast of our future. Do you feel satisfied with that? Does something make you feel glad from your inner self?

We must try out certain things which make us feel happy. Reading funny quotes will give you some. It is pleasant meeting people who always laugh and who make other laugh as well. Here are some very funny quotes which you will like.

“Life is a waste of time and time is a waste of life, so waste your time and have the time of your life”