Life is nothing but a competition to be the criminal rather than the victim” -Bertrand Russell

Well said by the author that life is a competition. There is so much competition in life that if you want to win the race then you must become faster like criminal. Life requires physical and mental effort rather than thinking about it. Some people are lucky enough because they get everything well prepared. They do not have to make much effort. Some people are born rich. Some people are blessed with good fortune and they do have to work as much other had to. Some people work really very hard to achieve some position in the world. It all depends on the way you are bringing the things on life. You are the one responsible for happy or distressed life.  As it depends on you must put some nice efforts for the betterment of life.

You can live your life in an interesting way. Have fun in your life, to break the barriers of your life.  You can break these barriers by laughter.

Laughter is considered to be as the most powerful tool to remain healthy. It is not only vital for healthy mind but is very important for mental health. When you laugh, you get refreshed. You can control the situation according to the need. Stress can have bad effect on your body. Stress can create bad effects on your immunity system which is very dangerous. Researched done by medical science has proved that the side effect of stress are very harmful.

So, what should one do to reduce stress in life?  I am telling a nice idea for that. You can have fun without paying anything extra for it. You don’t have to spend much money like you do while going out for dinner and having fun.

Fun and laughter helps you to think freely. You can read some funny jokes or watch some comedy serials on TV to have fun. It gives you ideas about life thereby enjoying it fully. If you read some funny quotes about life they will not only make you smile but they will give you knowledge. Knowledge becomes easy when imparted in funniest way. Anything presented in funny way can be simply understood by all.

Besides fun they also help you to improve your sense of humor. It is the best part of life to make someone happy by your actions.

Funny daily quotes to live by may tease you but they tell the truth. Truth is that we all are actors on the great stage of this life. We all play our roles, decided by our deeds. You are creator of your own destiny. You can become hero or you can be a comedian. It solely depends on you, whether you want to spend your life with happiness or you want to fill sorrows. Humor and fun inspires you to move forward. Funny daily quotes to live by gives you both fun and inspiration.