Hello friends! are you searching some easy ways to have Fun in life. Fun has an important role in our life.

A good sense of humor is not a god’s gift for all .But we can have a good sense of humor by reading fun quotes to live by. Quotes in our website are unique and meaningful. They tell you the meaning of your life in funny way.

We must read quotes for enriching our knowledge. We must not read quotes for finding topics for talk, fun, and conversation. Quotes must be read so that we are able to consider and implement these Facts with care and accuracy in our daily life.

“Life is like an onion. Why is life like an onion? Because you peel away layer after layer and when you come to the end you have nothing.” -Yiddish Proverb

The quote above tells us that life is like the layers of onion, because at the end of life you have nothing which you can take along with you. This quote shows the reality of life in very simple and easy way which a common person can understand.

People often think that   the real power comes from money but the real power comes from sense of humor. We must do certain things so that we can increase our sense of humor.

We all are well familiar about the importance of quotes in one’s life. Man is the maker of his own fate. He has made his fortune busy by understanding and diligence in his trade. Just as a Sunday gives an opportunity to clean the rust of boredom, staleness and indifference which accumulates during the period of six working days same way you can feel while reading these quotes. They make you feel fresh. People feel fresh once again, lively and amiable after a Sunday and reading quotes. It gives them an opportunity not only to refresh mind but also appear in order to distinguish themselves before the whole congregation.

We regard life as a battlefield in which the final issue could be determined. What appears defeat to one might be the seeds of triumph for others. Therefore we must have a right mind set in battlefield which comes from humor in life. This can be achieved when we read something very knowledgeable yet witty. You will get some witty and funny quotations on fun quotes to live by.

Don’t take life to seriously. No one gets out alive.” This is one of my favorite quotations which I read. This little quote has huge meaning to me.  I never feel agonized about my life. I always enjoy ever moment of life because I know that that there is nothing certain about life. My life is in my hands, whether I live to fullest or I waste it. It depends only on me what type of life I choose for myself. I have decided to live life while having fun all the time.