You must have often see people complaining about the bad circumstances. They complain for their incorrect decision the result of circumstances and live a poor life. You cannot give excuses for your bad decisions. You cannot blame bad circumstances. What about your moral values and ethics which you gained from your knowledge, society and inherited from your parents. Where are they when you made wrong decisions? Are they designed for the good times of your life? No not obviously. Ethics and values are designed to prevent us from bad times.


Through this article I will tell some secrets of building a good personality which will make your life better and worthy.


They are the laws which help us to make correct decision about people around you.

You need ethics more in your hard time of life. But it is not like that every decision you make is ethical. Let me explain you in detail when go out for shopping and you buy some new clothes or some accessories, you always have many choices. You pick up which suits your personality and which you like most. These are your personal choice. It is not an ethical choice.  There is a lot more difference between personal and ethical choices. You choose things which are related to your apparel or decisions which do not affect your life are personal choices. In this case you choose something which is appropriate for you.

Personal choice are not objective, they are rather subjective. We make choices when we have to take decision between right and wrong. We can say that ethical choices are objective.

Whenever we do something which is unethical and wrong, our conscience gets hurt. This does not happen when we make a wrong choice which is very personal. Personal choices may vary from one person to another but ethics do not change according to a particular person or situation. The thing which is right always remains right and the thing which is wrong will always be wrong.

Let’s take an example of a math test. In a math test when we ask students to solve a problem we get different answers from the student but the correct answers remain the same. It cannot change even if you may get varied answers from students.

I am not saying that ethical choices are like solving a sum in math.

A person can be nice but not ethical. Because he could be nice in front of society but may be a cheater behind it. They only pretend to be nice but in real they are fake people.


When you are confused just read worthy quotes from “cute life quotes to live by.” Reading them before making any decisions is nice. Cutes quotes give you the true essence of your life.

“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot. “-Charlie Chaplin

“The cost of living is going up, and the chance of living is going down.” -Flip Wilson