Failure does not mean that we have not given our best effort in life. Success is the achievement of your final goal. You cannot say that you have won very battle of your life. if you succeed than you have won a single war. We often meet many people, who do not know the relation between failure and success. They always wander in their life. They take the life as it comes. They leave their life on their destiny. Accidently, few of them may succeed, but most of them always suffer. They get frustrated and feel unhappy.

Life is not meant for those, who never make their own decisions. People who never hope for success and make efforts to achieve it always remain unsatisfied. They are among those people who give up in their life when they are near their destination.

“Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”- Thomas Edison

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass… “
“It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.”-  Vivian Greene

Life is meant for who live life to get more than what he has already. You need some powerful tools to get more in life. If you need a regarding life then you must have some source of motivation, guidance and inspiration. You must have some principles in life that will give you success. But you have to use them with inspiration in right proportions. Amazing quotes to live by is an amazing collection of quotes where you can get all the things in proportions to make your life rich. You can establish your new goals. You can also develop a new approach and ideas. If you can do so it will lead to a successful life.

You must have an action plan which must tell what you want in your life. These amazing quotes help to lay a strong foundation for good life. Amazing quotes are universal which means that they fit with the real life situation. So you can co-relate them with the incidence or particular situation. Plato said that,” Truths are eternal.”

You never lack behind in life by your ability. You lack behind due to lack of passion in you. If you have the desire for becoming successful nobody can stop you. Just do your work with determination and dedication.

Our success does not depends on our external features it solely depends what we are from inside. If we are nice from deep inside it will help you to have a positive attitude.

When we see other people more successful than us, what do you think? We obviously think about the secret of his success. But there is no secret. Successful people think more optimistically than others. They act more efficiently than other people. The success of a person depends on the inner quality positive attitude. It is a valuable asset and by reading amazing quotes to live by you can achieve it.