Quotes To Live By



Quotes to live by are really necessary for a person.

Whatever he does in his life and whatever he wants to do is all depends on his mentality and it is really necessary for that person to get the quotes which inspires him/her in their life.


Mahatma Gandhi said “Future is totally dependent on what we do at present”  No matter what they will get successful if something motivate or inspires them. This is really important for a person to get the best inspiration motivational quotes and this is the time where these quotes come into existence and without any doubt you will feel the necessity of these quotes.

They can because they think they can” A person who is struggling so hard to find a job or to get some desired results which really make him a person out of trouble and shall able to get him success .

There is no doubt about that and people do inspire by the legendary men or women and do things according to them.



Don’t let what you can’t do stop you from what you can do” Motivation is really necessary whether you are working in some office or if it is the matter about your relationship or you are facing trouble with your life partner or whatever would be the reason but these inspirational quotes will surely help you in that case and no matter how much trouble you are facing or having in your life but with the help of these lines you will be able to somehow move on and quotes to live by are very commonly used phrases or lines which really are beneficial for the people and at any point of time you would be able to feel that these are really working and that too in a positive way. There are some people who are seeking for the quotes about living in the moment and especially when you are looking for some motivation then you have to be sure about everything whatever comes in your way. You should always plan out things which ascertain that you will accompolish them with ease and get rid of troublesome people who demotivates you all the time and when they are around you feel negative energy which really is harmful for you.


There is an old saying that “DO OR DIE”. This is the quote which was very popular at the time of war and when people fight for their country at the time of war to save their people. This quote reflects that either you do something for the sake of your own good or let yourself die. Certainly it is an inspirational quote which can motivate anybody. Same thing happens with all of us, this is everybody’s problem that we usually find our self lazy and filled with all the negative energy and we normally do not care about the things which are going to happen in future and we keep on procrastination but at the end of the day we find ourself got into some trouble and when the time comes we regret and failure comes in our way at the point of time.



Quotes about living to the fullest are those types of quotes which motivates people who usually could not succeed in their life and they think that they are looser who have not earned anything  and failure always stick to them.

If you are going through hell, keep going”Everybody needs some inspiration to do something in their life whether a man is successful or not, he must need some motivation or inspirational things which will motivate him to reach his goal.

No matter what you will always be considering the fact that people who believe or trust those legendary people always look after their quotes or saying which they have said in their era just like Mahatma Gandhi has said in his time that “We should be the change we want to see in future” that means whatever things we want to change in our country or in people, we should first implement that change in our life because everything starts with us only.

Blaming others Is really an easy task or we can easily blame people for things we really do not like to see.





There are so many people who believe that these quotes are really necessary and especially if we are seeking for the quotes about living life then we should think about the people who are really incapable and they are having so many troubles in their life including all those financial or family troubles but still they are fighting with their destiny and most of the people have succeeded because they fight really hard and eventually they are standing at that place where they didn’t see them in any condition so point is that we should not regret about what we did in the past but always consider ourself the best and fight for the dreams and desires which really matters to you.


Do not look down on anybody unless you’re helping him up”A single problem or the reason why you are sad does not ruin your whole life or you should not let it. The thing is that we should always implement the lines of inspiration or motivation which can be treated as the way to get the best out of you.

There are so many quotes about living and you may find many ways to get out of trouble and especially when you are having so many problems at a time,Greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.

just consider that there are so many other people too who may are suffering from the same situation but everybody has to bear such pain and think beyond the failure and must fight for the success and shall fight for the things which they want to get whether it is success or whatever it can be. When you fail in your exams then you find yourself deep into trouble and there you do not find any other solution to ensure yourself that everything will be right and you will be succeeded at the end but on the contrary you start wondering about your life which will be nothing after such failure and it is kind of humiliating when you go out meeting people and your friends who are much more at the better stage than you. All you do is happens for some reason and whatever you get also for the same but you should be aware of the fact that whatever you are at present or whatever result you get in your exams are basically due to your past efforts and one should not blame his destiny or god for all this. You should be motivated enough to work out things at a time and get yourself out of the trouble.

No matter what these quotes really matter in our life and these small inspirations that we get after reading these quotes works really well in the present scenario where everybody is seeking for their own benefits and they only consider themselves to be the best,“Never look where you fall, but where you slipped”. because everytime when you find yourself fin trouble or in some condition which is making you weak and in no condition you can get rid of the burden or stress which you can feel on you then you have to be strong at do not create some environment which send out negative energy to you and stick to the people who really encourages you and be the one who is strong enough to fight with any kind of situation.


A Person should always play fair when one has the winning cards” There are certain things which happen with us in our life and we should try not to think about them much.

Funny quotes to live by are the quotes which makes the whole environment comfortable and when you are especially in trouble these are the quotes which will help you to make the environment light and will lead you to smile or laugh. These quotes are really humorous and at any point of time you do not have to feel that you cannot do anything or you are sad because of something. You are sad and nobody in the world is finding out some way to make you happy and you are not considering anybody as a person who can make you smile or laugh and you are continuously crying or feeling sad then these quotes really comes as a helpful substance and with the ingredient of humor these quotes really become very helpful to get rid of the sadness and troublesome environment , always stick to those people who encourages you all the time. When they are with you at the time when you are in trouble, those people have worth otherwise you may find so many people who are with you when you are happy or successful or with loads of money.


Life quotes to live by are necessary and these are very beneficial for a person who is believing that living their life is no use and they cannot help themselves from the trouble they are having right now, Everybody gets trouble at a certain point of time. We should not make this as our habit to walk on the smooth and plain road all the time. Sometimes it is better to be familiar of the ups and downs instead of getting hurt from the situation which you usually do not find yourself stuck in. This happens with everybody and people get amazed to see them that life is really important and small to worry about. We should always consider the fact that to much worry about anything will only lead to stress and depression and you may find yourself facing continuous failure all the time.

Whether you are looking at yourself in the mirror or seeing someone close who just faced the failure in life and you want to make things favorable for him or you then try reading inspirational autobiographies or stories which can make you strong or to the person who needs you In bad time. If you want to get going then always choose the path which is straight and does not have much ups and downs. You have to search for short quotes to live bywhich not only help you to motivate buy also make you stronger. These small facts really helps you to motivate yourself and at any point of time you will not feel like you are giving up and you will always fail and will not get success. Consider the sayings and follow the people who inspires you a lot and you will see that you have gained the knowledge and you are now motivated towards your goal and you will see that whatever you do these days are always completed and you can easily make things easier for you.

Amazing quotes to live byare so many but one should always consider that you must be excited in what you do and whatever you feel. Everything should be planned and you must be aware of the fact that these amazing quotes are really helpful and can benefit you in many ways. Do not take work as a burden on you and read quotes more and more as these work in positive way and at any point of time you will not feel like you went towards the wrong direction and always feel that if you are in relationship or you someone but you have started feeling some other things for the same person and your relationship has changed a lot and nothing is same as earlier so it is better to read love quotes to live by and get the benefits of it. No matter what if you are in relationship then you have to maintain it and people will only consider you as a true lover if you will be faithful for them.

Be excited towards those people and make sure that you are providing them each and every thing which they want in their life. Since happiness is the best way you can make other people smile then try to make other happy always and at any point of time you may feel like living with the best partner who motivates you all the time and who makes you feel good and give you all kind pleasure.Whenever you feel frustrated or think like a looser than you must understand the fact that there is nothing like having loads of burden on you but instead you should always think about the motivational things. Get inspiration from the people who are idol to you and whom you follow, if you cannot follow their paths then atleast try to achieve your goals in an effective way and get rid of any trouble which is causing you pain. No matter what you will always feel safe and happy if you stick around with the people who are positive and have the confidence to do anything. Usually people gets the same thing which their friends and family member do and this is also true that one should not believe on those people who let them down and make things more difficult for them.

There are so many beautiful quotes to live byand people are seeking for them all over the internet. Inspirational life quotes are really necessary for the smooth life and to get our self motivated always. Try not to think about those which makes you sad and weak and always remain with those people who makes you stronger and with them you feel happy always.  These beautiful quotes will definitely change the way you think and eventually you will be able to understand that life is much more beautiful if you live it happily and without thinking much about the darker and difficult side, you can always be happy if you value those things which only you have instead of blaming your destiny and yourself for those things which could not be yours. It happens with everybody and usually people believe that if a person does not succeed in his life or if he lost a battle or something then it is not the end of the world for him, he must know that these are the parts of his life and when you are seeking the downside of your life then it is normal that you would be able to see the upwards side in near future. No matter what but you will always be able to get the thing s back to normal if you are positive in your life and the way you think is really matters a lot and one should always consider the fact that whether he/she is standing on the darker side and being going through with the worse phrase of their life but they have to understand that someday they will be able to succeed and especially women who are really sensitive and they are the one for whom quotes to live by for women have been posted on sites. Whether you are working somewhere or you might being preparing for some examination but you will always remain on the safer side no matter what. This has become the tradition for employers to motivate their workers or employees who seek for some motivation from their boss which eventually helps them in making working environment very efficient and great. We have seen so many teenagers falling in love and bearing the pain of break up then, this is really a normal case and happens with most of the people, a teenager is young and does not know much about what is right or wrong. This is usually happens with everybody and at the age of 20 or less you can only think of having relationship where you barely think about anything and you do certain things which not only make things difficult for you buy also let you in some kind of serious trauma. Quotes to live by for teenagers allows those college going students to learn some facts about their life. How to make their life good?  And things to get rid of small problems with ease. This is for sure that you cannot get through of anything which has become a burden on you. No matter what you will always plan to make things in favor of you, there is no way that can help you if you have got stuck in between something really worse and you can barely think about anything else other than about the same situation.

You can read humor also to get interesting humorous fact you should visit some really good sites which can not only help you in making things good for you but also remove some of your burden by making you laugh on things. There are so many things which a person does in order to get the best out of his life, no matter how much trouble he has in his life but he will always consider that one should always stay back from trouble.

A true quotes which has been said by Mahatma Gandhi “Where  love exist there is living” .

To make a difference you should act”  This is the quote which is really very meaningful and one can understand the fact that if a person just sit on his chair and plan things up for the future and keep on planning but does not react or do something then it is really understandable that he has to act for some reason or whatever changes he want to see. When we look after the corrupt people and famous citizens then we notice that those are the person who are meant for nothing and they are bringing the corruption but we do not aware of few things that in real life at some point we also behave in the same manner. No matter what but you will always have to take the initiative to work against the things which you do not want to see or which makes you feel furious. Quotes to live by love is really an understandable facts that one should read on regular basis to keep the momentum up and to especially when someone is commited or in a relationship then one should be aware of all these quotes to make their life more easy and to help their relationship run smoothly.

quotes to live by inspirational

When I read the humor quotes from quotes to live by I felt extremely relaxed and laughed literally without thinking what others will think. It was very interesting to read these humor quotes from quotes to live by. They made me laugh as well as taught me to look at the problems from different angle.
“Humor is an affirmation of dignity, a declaration of man’s superiority to all that befalls him.” -Roman Gary
Surfing and reading Quotes to live by is a wonderful experience and life is good with good experiences. Read one motivational quote from quotes to live by or send them to your friends
Humor quotes included in quotes to live by are very relevant and applicable in real life. These are not like the reel life heroes which could fight with many gangsters at a time, but in real life cannot even know how to fight with a single one.

“Humor is, I think, the subtlest and chanciest of literary forms. It is surely not accidental that there are a thousand novelists, essayists, poets or journalists for each humorist. It is a long, long time between James Thurbers.” -Leo Rosten

Do you who make these quotes or how they are made? Actually quotes are the principle or wise word of real heroes which led their life in own style. They created history and they are still remembered by us in form of quotations. So quotations must not be read they must be followed to create a history. Great men were not great when they were born. They were very normal human beings as we are. The difference is that they followed the right path and also they created they own way. You can also create your own path set an example in life for others. Life is easy when you have right principles in the life.

humorous quotes to live by

I always believe in myself and do thing in right way with a sports spirit. Just like in a game some loose and some win, I also believe that winning is not my aim; the aim is to find the ways by which we can fail. It is more important to find faults in our failure rather than crying over it.
“While one person hesitates because he feels inferior, the other is busy making mistakes and becoming superior.” -Henry C. Link

The above thought explains that we must never waste our time in thinking about others, do you work even if you fail.

Learning from mistakes and laughing over it is a great deal which we all must learn. I always laugh over my mistake and take care of not repeating them again. This makes life easy. This is called as the sense of humor. Humor is when someone makes fun of himself or laugh over his mistakes. This way a person can make others happy as well. We all are not born or blessed with this wonderful gift by God. Some are blessed with good sense of humor and they make the environment healthy around them. Their personal life also moves in a smooth way as they avoid small problems in their family. Doing such things make their relationship very strong and long lasting. If you are not the one who is blessed with good sense of humor then you can develop it.
I will tell you my personal experience, from where I developed my sense of humor. I found a website quotes to live by while net surfing. Net surfing is my hobby as well as my work. So I found quotes to live by when I was wandering here and there while net surfing. Develop your sense of humor now from quotes to live by.

best life quotes to live by

“Without inspiration and motivation the best powers of the mind remain dormant. There is a fuel in us which needs to be ignited with sparks.”
-Johann Gottfried Von Herder

Motivation cannot be achieved by physical rewards or medals. It is achieved by reading good thought which has the power to motivate one’s inner self for doing his work.

You know something reading is a good habit, but read good books. Reading is not associated with knowledge. Knowledge comes when you read properly and apply them in our life. We can learn this by reading some motivational quotes from quotes to live by. All the motivational quotes have enough power to motivate someone easily. It gives energy to initiates the task. Rest depends on your skills and positive thoughts. Be honest while doing your work, because honesty pays you a lot.
“Believe with all of your heart that you will do what you were made to do.”

-Orison Swett Marden
Some people leave all the things on destiny. They do not take challenge and live life as it comes. They never try to change it according to their requirement. They adjust themselves with the life. These life quotes are not meant for such people. Are you one of them? No, then you might belong to the second category. There are some people who never take the life as it come the rather find the ways to make it better according their needs. They take out best of what is coming add something new to achieve what they want from life. The life quotes from quotes to live by are meant for such kind of people. I also belong to this category. I like to face challenges and fight for my existence in this society. I never give up, because according to me hope has no end.

wonderful quotes to live by

“Laughter is a holy thing. It is as sacred as music and silence and solemnity, maybe more sacred. Laughter is like a prayer, like a bridge over which creatures tiptoe to meet each other. Laughter is like mercy; it heals. When you can laugh at yourself, you are free.” – Ted Loder
Laughter helps to release the stress of the whole day. So, read quotes to live by daily to improve your health and live a better life.

This article will tell you something very easy things by doing that you will add fun in life.
We often see many people wandering here and there in search of entertainment and wasting their valuable time and money. Money is not a big thing but time is. Why to waste time on such things which make you feel happy but do not give you a feeling of inner satisfaction.

Inner satisfaction can be achieved by doing meaningful things which motivated you from inside. The things which are done with the help of external motivation will not have the perfection as well as it will not give you a satisfactory feeling. Other than that your efficiency will also decrease. But when you do things by the help of intrinsic motivation from quotes to live by helps you enjoy doing your work and that gives you inner satisfaction. You feel proud doing these things and also you enjoy doing so. This also increases your efficiency to find the solution. This time you find solution for your happiness so you put your best efforts. If efforts are 100% then result will be obviously best.
“God gives us dreams a size too big so that we can grow in them.” -Author Unknown
“Quotes to live by” offer you some nice intrinsic motivational quotes to live your dreams.

simple quotes to live by

‘Life is just like an ice cream, eat it before it melts.’ Eating a melted ice cream will not give a better taste. To maintain your performance you must it is important keep your mind out of stress. You must take care that you make yourself feel relaxed every now and then. Stress free mind will make your body and mind fit. They are now ready to give their full performance without any doubts. The quality of your life increases when you give your best at your work and in family.

You might have heard somewhere that the biggest enemy of our health is stress. So stay away from stress. You can maintain this distance by avoiding things which can cause stress. Get relaxed by reading the following quotation below which has been extracted from quotes to live by for you.

“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance; the wise grows it under his feet.” -James Openheim
So, do not wait for happiness, just create it without thinking so much about the results. Relations become stronger and healthier when you have relaxed mind. You can feel relaxed by reading quotes to live by. “Quotes to live by” is one of the easiest ways to get relaxed without giving much time and money. You can get some good and wise quotation which you have never read before. The quotes included in quotes to live by on various topics like funny quotes, wise quotes, positive quotes, love quotes and many more. You will not get this wide variety of quotes on any other website.
“Classical quotation is a parole of literary men all over the world.” -Samuel Johnson
Quotations work like a literary parole. The quotations are universally true, so you do not have to worry and read quotes to live by.

quotes to live by humor

According to me, having fun in life is also our duty. But we always neglect it, and do not pay much attention. Problem arises as we grow old, then we have an unsatisfactory feeling from our life. You will always regret for thing which you considered secondary in your life. Never consider fun as the secondary thing it must go parallel to your work. This is also a prime factor in life and it must be given priority. We must have a balance between our work and fun. Like we need a balanced diet to stay fit, in the same way we need a balanced diet of work, responsibilities and fun in life. This type of balanced diet will maintain a healthy lifestyle for you. This quote from quotes to live by suggests you to think about your happiness.

“Even if happiness forgets you a little bit, never completely forget about it.”
-Jacques Prévert
You will feel happy from inside and will try to make others happy as well. What you do when you wish to have fun in life? Moving out with friends is the common thing which most of the people do. Watching a movie at weekend or going for disco at Saturday night is absolutely normal things for having fun.

“He who does not get fun and enjoyment out of every day needs to reorganize his life”.
– George Matthew Adams
Have you done something different which make you feel happy while having fun? Something which can inspire you besides entertaining you? If have not done anything like that then read this article carefully. You will also learn something new but real from quotes to live by. You will laugh when you will read quotes to live by. It has been proved by medical science that laughter aids in achieving better health.

greatest quotes to live by

I have read somewhere “life is good, when your experiences are better.” So experience something better than before on quotes to live by. Be healthy while reading funny quotes from quotes to live by.
“Health is a large word. It embraces not the body only, but the mind and spirit as well; and not today’s pain or pleasure alone, but the whole being and outlook of a man.”-
James H. West

Maintaining good health is the utmost duty. After that the most important is to facilitate the members of your family with all the necessary things related with love, care, money, education and other basic things. Running every day for fulfilling the needs of family we all forget to think about our needs. Like how many of you think about the things which make you happy? Do you often do those things to be happy? I think none of us take out an hour in day thinking about our happiness. We always think about our work and family. Rest we forget or we intentionally want to forget due to lack of time. We always complain that we do not have time to think about our self.

“There are lots of people in this world who spend so much time watching their health that they haven’t the time to enjoy it.” -Josh Billings
Do you like surfing internet? The world of internet is perhaps the most exciting thing where you learn new thing while getting entertained. You must search quotes to live by website on internet. You want to know why I am telling you to visit quotes to live by. Actually this is a website where you can wholesome entertainment with enriching your knowledge. Quotes to live by have some very funny quotes, which will makes your muscles move and you can stop yourself from laughing and enjoying.

quotes to live by in life

We always desire to have a healthy and fit body. Healthy body with a sound mind is essential for living life king size. We all wish to enjoy all the wonders of life but not you forget to do the things which are important of your good health of body and mind.

“The trouble with always trying to preserve the health of the body is that it is so difficult to do without destroying the health of the mind.” -G.K. Chesterton
If you desire living life to the fullest then you have to certain things which can make this possible. Just sitting and talking about the ways to make a better life is not sufficient. You must implement them as well in your personal life. Things will really turn well if the effort you put has a right mind set behind it. Right mind set is the key by which you can create new solutions and new paths.

It is important to pay attention on the physical health, but you must not forget to pay attention on mental health. It is must for you. You can maintain your mental health by releasing stress.
Here is a quotation for you reading which you will get an idea to release stress.
“To me, novels are just quotations with a bunch of filler.” -Terri Guillemets
The above quotation tells the importance of quotations in life. So, one thing you can do is reading quotations from quotes to live by. You can spend some good time with quotes to live by. Quotes to live by can help you in releasing stress from your mind. The quotations in quotes to live by must be read by you because these quotations have the power to change your thoughts. They help you to experience a new life with positive attitude.

famous quotes to live by

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” -Oscar Wilde

It is rightly said by Oscar Wilde that it is very often that our thoughts are controlled by others. Our life becomes mimicry and we blindly follow their thoughts. Their opinions become the quotations for you. But we must have our own opinion in life. Your thought and opinions control you actions. Never allow anyone to control your thoughts. This way you will not grow and will never rise again if you fall. Never follow the opinions of other in your life just take suggestion and do what you inner self ask you to do. Whether you do wrong or right you will learn from them.
Behind your every action you have a thought which could be negative or it may be positive. Positive thoughts will turn things in positive way while negative thoughts will give a negative impact on your actions.

This positive attitude will help you surely and you will acquire the capability for doing all the impossible things and turning them into possible ones. If you are on the right track, then you will help yourself. It is just like getting runs without playing.
“A quotation at the right moment is like bread in a famine”. –Talmud
This is really true that a motivational quotation from quotes to live by at the right time is similar to bread given at the time of famine.
You must read quotations from quotes to live by because they give you a new energy to bounce back and say that look I am back again. Gain a positive attitude from quotes to live by. Quotes to live by have numerous quotations on variety of subjects and hence you attain your goal.